Website design for Bury based Financial Planners

We were pleased to launch the new website for Bury based Moscrops Financial Planning. The second stage of a rebranding project we recently completed for them – you can read more about this soon.

Interestingly, I think this is a great example of why local businesses should work with each other. I met Declan, one of the partners at Moscrops at the Bury Business Expo in March of 2017. Well, when I say ‘met’, that isn’t strictly true. Dec is the son in law of my parents long term neighbours, his sister in law was Brown Owl for my daughter at Brownies and he is also a governor at my kids primary school. Yet, he didn’t realise I ran a design agency.

A great example of why you need to get your message out there no matter what your business is and keep the branding and messaging consistent. Which is exactly what Think Design have done for Moscrops.

We initially met about the website design only. But is soon became evident that their existing brand identity would have undermined what we could do with the website design.

Once the brand identity had been complete we were able to commence the website design for approval. Now, Moscrops Financial Planning website was predominantly an information site. All of which is FCA approved. The whole point of the redesign was to communicate this information in a much clearer and easy to find way. The process started with the site map and the simplification of the website structure.

The design features consistent messaging, call to actions, but more importantly a consistent use of brand style if present throughout. Gorgeous and on tone typography makes the content easy to read and digest, and is broken up with a set of beautiful icon designs.

Once this, and the design, had been approved, it was simply a case of rolling this out across the web build and ensure it worked as beautifully on a mobile as it did on a desktop. Painstaking font size testing was carried out to ensure this was the case.

After completion, the site it self had to be FCA approved again, and we were thrilled to find that we had to make one styling change.

As with all of our web projects, there’s no point in paying for a new website no one can find, so as part of our project costs we always ensure that the on page SEO was up to Google standards and within a week of the launch we saw ranking gains of 1,500 places, and stats for localised Bury searches as follows.

#1 Rankings = 11 (+11)
Top 5 = 33 (+27)
Top 10 = 45 (+35)
Top 20 = 57 (+33)
Top 50 = 77 (+41)

Not bad eh?

We host the site as well, arranged it to have an SSL certificate, and will be continuing SEO for the next few months at the request of the customer. We we also be looking after the site with one of our web care packages for the interim as well. All part of the service.

You can see more of the website here.

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