Build Back Better Explainer Video for Balfour Beatty

How we helped Balfour Beatty create a short, explanatory video that would help internal and external stakeholders.

The challenge

We were approached by Balfour Beatty to design, produce and animate a short explainer video. It was aimed at internal and external stakeholders to discuss how, as a country and organisation, they ‘Build Back Better’ through decentralisation of power and budgets to local decision makers.

The animated video was to be used on social media channels in tandem with a press release and needed to follow previous explainer videos in style and pace.

The approach

We respond to our client’s animation or explainer videos by providing the full creative direction for the project and due to the nature of explainer videos being very cost-heavy to amend, once we get to animation, we follow a tried and tested, methodical approach, giving the client ample opportunity to feed into the process and work with us collaboratively to ensure the flow of the video is correct.

We start with the final script and source several Voiceover actors to do a sample recording, commissioning the preferred actor when required.

The team then sit down and work with our scamp artist, brainstorming how each scene can be visualised. We then create a storyboard annotated with the script, for proof of concept and approval.

Once we have this, we take the storyboard to the Mac and create a more detailed version, demonstrating transitions and style. This allows for detailed feedback and ease of amending.

Once we have approval of the visuals, we proceed to animation which typically takes us a week for a project of this nature.

What we did:

  • Storyboarded the animation with concepts to visualise the Voiceover.
  • Source and commission a voice over artist.
  • Created graphics in line with BB visualise brand style.
  • Animated the final piece.
  • Created accurate sub-titles.
  • Provided the client with snippets of the animation for social media use.

The results

The end result was an engaging and visually pleasing explainer video which the client was thrilled with.

“Think have produced countless projects for us over the years but this was a particularly challenging one to bring to life. We’re really happy with the resulting explainer video.”

Marketing Executive, Balfour Beatty

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