Brand strategy

Building a brand strategy

For your business to work smarter, you need a North Star to guide all of your brand communication decisions, this is your brand proposition. Without this everything from your brand tone of voice to your PPC targeting and website user experience could be off course and hampering your ability to attract the right people.

If you need help refining or redesigning your proposition, look no further:

  • Audience research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand planning workshops 
  • Brand proposition development 
  • Brand strategy creation

How can we help?

Audience Research

Do you really know your audience? Think can help validate your thinking through audience research and detailed personas. This real world information will help create relevant and motivating communications and provide the business case for a change in brand direction.

Competitor Analysis

What is happening in your space? Are there indirect competitors to consider? How are you different and why should customers choose you? Conducting a thorough competitor analysis will help you identify the white space to own and create cut through in your category.

Brand strategy & workshops

A brand workshop can be facilitated by Think and all existing research will feed into this session. The purpose is to work with key stakeholders and hone in on a final brand proposition that is credible, relevant, unique and can stretch with the future ambitions of the organisation.

I love how thorough the setup for our project was. The initial brand refresh brought in some great experts, strategic thinking and really helped us to evolve our positioning. The team are easily accessible and a pleasure to work with. The CMS behind our new website is super intuitive. All the snagging since we went live has been sorted efficiently. I’m really pleased with the outcome.”

Carolyn Nevitte, Marketing Director, People Insight

We were really impressed with how Think challenged us to broaden our brief and rethink our visual identity and proposition, demonstrating the tangible benefits that could be achieved if we trusted them with this wider brief. The website has now launched and the Venom team are blown away by the results, we look forward to the next chapter in our relationship with Think.

Steve and Becky, Founders, Venom IT

Our approach

Are you a startup looking for a brand new brand? Or an established business in need of a refresh? Perhaps you are looking for a complete brand overhaul? Or maybe you’re not sure what you need and are looking for some expert advice. Wherever you are in the branding design process, we can tailor our approach to suit your needs:

1. Discovery

Think get to know your brand, your business goals, your customers and your market as well as you do.

2. Research

Where are the gaps in our understanding? Think can provide audience research and competitor analysis to back up your thinking and support internal buy-in.

3. Brand positioning

Perhaps this is a process of sensor checking your existing proposition, or defining a new brand proposition through a brand strategy workshop with key stakeholders.

4. Brand audit

With clarity around the positioning, how do we think the current branding stacks up? Does it align to the ambitions of the business?

5. Design direction

Armed with this information, Think can create the return brief. This is the brand design direction and work can begin on the concepts.

Let’s talk about your brand strategy…

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