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Repositioning and rebranding 150 year old print company

The background

For 150 years, Galloways have been at the cutting edge of print. Whatever your printing requirements, Galloways has a solution to suit you. From fantastic finishes to cost control, direct mail and design, the team at Galloways have the knowledge to help manage your digital and litho print requirements. Their services provide you with the flexibility, cost certainty and support you need to be creative, efficient and effective. Paul, the founder and creative director of Think, has used Galloways his entire creative career and would never look elsewhere.

The challenge

Galloways asked us to help them challenge perceptions of print in a rapidly changing digital world and demonstrate that print is still as powerful as ever. By creating an integrated digital marketing campaign, the benefits of print could be shown in a way that would cut through the online clutter of negativity surrounding print and paper.

The solution

Fall in Love with Print Again

Many people see print as an expensive old-fashioned and unsustainable way of doing things. Galloways wanted to show how print can be used in a modern, integrated way that would get people talking. Through a series of written content and social posts, Galloways ranked no.1 on searches for articles about marketing collateral, packaging ideas and new printing methods.


To combat the fake news that print and paper are unsustainable, we designed a campaign to show the greener benefits of print and how it can be recycled (again and again). Ranking for search terms such as carbon footprint of paper showed that paper is not only sustainable but when printed by a carbon-balanced printer it can be more sustainable than digital.

The results have been fantastic with an increase not only in website traffic but in leads and enquiries.

The results

The campaign has been a huge success, with Galloways ranking highly for a number of key search terms. Working on this campaign has taught us a lot about the power of print and how it can be used in a modern, integrated way. It has also shown us that there is a huge appetite for information on this topic and that people are really keen to learn more about how print can be used in a sustainable and effective way. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Galloways to help them challenge perception and show the world that print is still a powerful force to be reckoned with. 

Overall, in 12 months, the Galloways website has received over 11k unique users with a majority of them being brand new users. In total, these users equated to 13,420 sessions. This means that 22% of users used or went back to the site on a separate occasion. Altogether, over 25k pages were visited, meaning, on average, each user explored a different page to the one they started on.

In the past year, Galloways has been busy showing off their content on their social media channels, reaching over 90,000 accounts. This accounts to 2,600 engagements as well as an increase in social website traffic, with the majority (69%) acquired from LinkedIn.

All this fantastic content and engagement has led to an increase in enquiries and quotes requested from the Galloways website. In the space of 12 months, there was a 34% increase in form submissions with a majority being organic traffic (63%). This goes to show that not only is informative content valuable but also can lead to a direct increase in sales for your business.


Following increase across channels


LinkedIn impressions


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Instagram impressions

“Fantastic agency – as both a printer partner and a client to Think, I am always impressed by their professionalism and knowledge of the market, with the end result always superb when the job comes to fruition.”

Matt Galloway, Galloways

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