Thomas James Clocks

The creation of a classically British brand identity and website for an exclusively designed wall clock.

The challenge

The man behind Thomas James Clocks had a simple idea. This was to design and manufacture the best wall clock in the world. It was to be produced exclusively in Britain, by the best craftsman in each field. This was required for the timepiece to be best in class and the timeless British design required a brand identity to match.

The approach

Derived from the concept of a clock’s pendulum, we designed the iconic logo using an ingenious use of negative space, forming two initials. We used the font crafted by acclaimed typeface designer and sculptor, Eric Gill. This classic design served as an invaluable source of inspiration for the entire brand and website design. It helped reinforce the elegance and beauty the clock conveyed.

The results

With the product only just out in the market, it’s difficult to quantify how successful the brand and product will ultimately end up being. To meet the initial design challenge of creating a luxurious brand identity for an elite product, our creative work speaks volumes.

“I like that Think produced a very professional product and service more in keeping with a big multi-national company but maintain their local business feel and are able to give the client the personal touch.”

Andrew, Owner, Thomas James Clocks

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