University of Salford

Infographic design to showcase achievements

The challenge

An infographic to showcase and celebrate The University of Salford’s record-breaking achievements through-out 2017.

The project required a huge breakdown of information and a quick turnaround; however, no project is too big for us at Think!

The approach

So, where did we begin? After being supplied all of the content for the infographic, the first step was to distill the information into sections and digestible chunks. This is a huge part of the project for any infographic, as the sole purpose of any infographic is to make information easier to understand and entice the reader. We then organised and created an order for the different chunks of information to allow for an easier navigation and flow.

The next stage of the project was to create an illustrative style that complimented The University of Salford’s brand identity. The style needed to allow us to tell a story, rather than just relay the information. For easy navigation each section was broken up using a different scene that then flowed into the next. Within the infographic, there is a huge focus on spacing around each statement allowing the reader to take in the information far more easily than simply reading a body of text.

We love working on projects like this especially when it is to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the marketing and recruitment department. The client was thrilled with the final infographic and impressed with the quick turnaround.

View the full infographic here.

“Think are great, both for long term strategic work and for being there when you need something at the very last minute.”

Hannah Burchell, Associate Director of Marketing Communications, University of Salford

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