Centre for Ageing Better

Illustrating findings for the Centre for Ageing Better impact report 2019

The challenge

We’ve been working with the Centre for Ageing Better for over two years producing various items from reports, to exhibition and event graphics and commercial photography. They approached us to assist in producing their Impact report for 2018-2019.

The Transforming later lives strategy has a specific focus on helping people who are approaching later life. That amounts to almost a quarter of the population. Those who are at risk of missing out on a good later life. The Better Impact report covers the main 4 areas they work on throughout the year. Accordingly, the brief is to create a report that:

  • summarises the various activities and findings, but also;
  • illustrates the findings – literally.

The approach

We started by creating a pagination plan based on the provided Word document. Typically, this involves breaking down the report into sections. This plan is structured as a flat layout. Part of this was where to house the infographic that we would create. The solution was to design the report as a 210mm square format and have 6 page cover which would allow for a large infographic fold out at the back of the report.

The idea for the infographic was to create a landscape that highlighted the 4 main areas of work. We used the specific details from each of these 4 areas to illustrate corresponding sections in the report, effectively highlighting key achievements.

The client passed the rough illustration with minimal changes so we went to digitise it in Adobe Illustrator.

The results

The team were extremely happy with the report and they continue to use our services for a growing range of projects.

Printed by Galloways Print in Poynton.

It can also be downloaded in full from their website.

“Think did a wonderful job of interpreting our 4 key areas of achievements for our latest impact report, producing this amazing illustration and infographic plus wonderful report.”

Niall Ryan, Communications Officer, Centre for Ageing Better

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