A long term relationship that adapted to include strategic SEO and paid search campaign to increase website traffic, improve keyword rankings, and drive sales.


Showerdrape is a leading supplier of bathroom accessories, furniture and bathroom safety equipment based in Manchester.

Starting with a referral, we have now been working with them since 2013.

During the past 11 years, we have become their creative and marketing agency of choice, working on over 140 projects, The relationship continues to go from strength to strength.

The biggest challenge has been to evolve their brand style without changing the identity, as they adapted the business from predominantly business to business wholesale, to B2C online marketplaces and through their own e-commerce website. 

During this journey, we have developed a softer brand style, applying the design across their printed catalogues, packaging and website. A change of typographic style and colours was added to fit with a lifestyle approach to their commercial and product photography.

In March 2023, they asked us to enhance their online presence and drive sales by improving their online visibility with an SEO and paid search campaign.

Over the past year, we have actively managed their SEO and paid search campaigns, aiming to grow website traffic and improve keyword rankings, ultimately resulting in increased sales.


We initiated comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis. This process identified relevant and competitive search terms. It ensured the creation of search-friendly content.

Subsequently, we grouped and mapped these keywords. The goal was to optimise each product page effectively without cannibalisation.

We tracked all relevant data through Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics for enhanced reporting. This gave us insights into user behaviour.

We used Google Search Console to actively monitor the site’s performance and act on any critical issues. This allowed us to regularly maintain pages and improve content, reducing any errors on reported warnings.

Our on-page optimisation strategies included:

  • Improved content.
  • Meta data updates.
  • Internal linking.
  • Improving call to action.
  • Remove duplicated content.
  • URL redirects.
  • Shortening URLs to make them more visitor friendly.
  • Adding missing image alt text.
  • Using Schema markup to enhance visibility.
  • We conducted link building and outreach.
  • We submitted the domain to local citations and relevant business directories.
  • Remove toxic and unwanted links.

Results achieved

Organic website traffic increased by 300%:

  • 117 improved keywords. 
  • 19 keywords in the top 3.
  • 30 keywords in the top 10.
  • 77 in the top 20.
  • Backlinks increased by 7.5k to 25k.

Paid Search

We launched a paid search campaign alongside the SEO with a Google Shopping feed submitted through Google to capitalise on immediate sales opportunities. 

This enabled Showerdrape to quickly become highly visible and start generating sales immediately.

The ad groups were structured around prioritised product categories with compelling ad text campaigns, ad extensions and remarketing. Goals were set up (viewed, added to basket, purchase) with tracking linked to Google Tag Manager and Analytics. This allowed us to track the campaign and adjust bidding strategies based on: 

  • Keyword performance. 
  • Ad scheduling times. 
  • Device. 
  • Unwanted search terms.

Results achieved

  • 64% CTR.
  • 1.5% purchase rate (anything over 1% is deemed successful).
  • 400% ROAS.

For every £1 spent on ads in the last 4 months, we generated an average of £4 in revenue. Additionally, the growth in paid search clicks (highlighted in red) and impressions (depicted in blue) over the last 3 months is evident.

A very professional team that produces high quality work, I would highly recommend Think!

Jack Shalom, Managing Director, Showerdrape

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