DMM International

Brand architecture and identity redesign for DMM International

The challenge

DMM International are manufactures of climbing safety gear for the public and professionals. They had huge inconsistencies between their B2B professional brand and B2B sports brand which created a disconnect in the minds of consumers and limited the opportunity for the sports brand to leverage the quality, strength and reliability of the professional brand.

Therefore, the brief was a full redesign of DMM’s brand identity from logo through to packaging, with comprehensive brand guidelines to rationalise DMM’s business areas under one dynamic and consistent look.

The approach

We started by gaining an in-depth understanding of how DMM design and create both innovative and groundbreaking climbing safety gear for the public and professionals, the way the business portrayed itself needed to reflect this.

Key requests were to retain the logo and shout that the gear they produce is made in Wales and manufactured to a higher standard than anywhere else in the world.

After performing a critique on the design of the logo, we were able to redesign it whilst keeping its essence. This then helped inform the rest of the style and enable us to create a new brand identity toolbox.

  • A carefully selected colour palette – reinforcing the Welsh aspect
  • The typeface chosen was specifically to help mirror the logo
  • The diagonals (or mountains) on the DMM were used as direction arrows and content dividers – strengthening the brand
  • The design of the logo was transferred to DMM Professional bring the brand under one style
  • The product catalogues were redesigned using the new brand toolbox
  • Advertising, posters and packaging was designed and produced for the brand identity design relaunch at the International German Roadshow later that year.

The results

Below you can see the initial logo health check we performed on the existing DMM logo and the finished DMM Climbing logo – this formed the basis of the redesign of the DMM brand identity.

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