Remarketing Fresh Start Waste

A fresh approach and a complete digital overhaul for Fresh Start Waste including SEO, PPC and a new website.

The challenge

Established in 2006, family-run FreshStart Waste Services provide commercial waste management solutions to Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire & Lancashire. For several years, we have been working closely with FreshStart Waste, providing them with a variety of design solutions to meet their needs. They needed help with business enquiries since their old website wasn’t fit for purpose.

The approach

Initially, to get enquiries coming in, we launched Google Ad pay-per-click campaigns. This brought in a significant increase in new business enquiries. As search marketing was location specific in this instance, we highlighted their monolithic presence in the North-West of England in both the ads and landing pages.

The results

The results speak for themselves.

Businesses can sometimes be sceptical about pay-per-click’s high costs, but their returns are nothing to be sniffed at. If you require immediate lead generation then there is no better solution. People come to Google looking for a solution to a problem. In this instance, it was “business waste in Manchester” and our cleverly worded ad campaigns seemed to do the trick.

We are also proud to have just launched their new website, highlighting their specific business waste services, case studies and the sectors they work in. All based on keyword research of course. There is also a bigger focus on their positive contributions to recycling and acknowledgement of their environmental responsibility – such as their partnership with ‘Too Good To Go’. The new website has a simple and effective user experience to access information on services and solutions offered by Fresh Start.

We improved the get a quote experience by redesigning the enquiry journey, as the old one had a 2% conversion rate due to infinite UX problems. The new one now has a 5% conversion rate and the solution can be seen above.

Fresh Start Waste now have a website which is bringing in enquiries on a daily basis. As well as their brand being seen as one of the leading waste management providers in the region. We are proud to be continuing our relationship with Fresh Start Waste and we look forward to seeing how their business continues to grow.


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“We have worked with Think for a number of years now and I really appreciate their straight talking – no nonsense approach. They’re clearly experts in their field and we would have no problem recommending their services elsewhere.”

Sean Martins, Head of Sales & Marketing

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