Abode Property Development

Sales brochure and branding for a exclusive property development company in Cheshire.

The challenge

Abode Property Developments are a small but exceptional property developer with a growing reputation and brand throughout the North West and Cheshire.

The issue they were having with their sales brochures is that they didn’t really sell how good Abode’s new build properties were. In particular, The Paddock development was lacking. Moreover, it was largely down to the brochure design not reflecting the quality of an Abode development.

The approach

The first issue identified was that the previous brochures marketed the business. Instead, they need to show the lifestyle people buy when they commit to high-end property. So we realise that we can add value to the project by creating the development’s very own brand logo. In turn, this means marketing the Paddock development becomes easier and appeals to the emotion of any prospective buyer.

Once the logo was designed, the next stage was really about creating a tone in the design. So using subtle greens and warm accent colours, married with a leafy ‘graphic’ device and a mix of a serif and sans serif typographic pairing, we had the makings of a beautifully designed piece.

Going to a square format allowed us to have a 6-page cover and a reveal, to entice the reader into the brochure. Local interest pages were followed by property specific sections. All easy on the eye with plenty of room for the CGI renders of the soon-to-be-built homes, being given plenty of room to breathe.

The results

Shortly after producing the brochure, three out of 4 properties at The Paddock found buyers. Moreover, our direct contact at Abode told us it was the “best sales brochure they’d ever seen.”

“Amazing company, I’m very pleased with not only the quality of the work they produce but also the turn around time to complete any project put to them.”

Jason Rodgers, Director, Abode Property Development LTD.

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