University of Manchester – Keeping well at home

Keeping the digitally excluded healthy through COVID-19

The challenge

Shortly after the Covid-19 crisis struck the UK, we were approached for brochure design in Manchester. This request came from Jane McDermott, a representative of the Policy Research Unit – Older People, National Institute for Health Research at the University of Manchester. The brief was for a print design agency to design a booklet that would be distributed to all the over 65s, within the Greater Manchester area.

The team at the Policy Research Unit collaborated with various stakeholders, including the GMCA, GM Ageing Hub, Department for Health, and Public Health England. They commissioned the design, printing, and distribution of a Keeping Well at Home document for this specific group.

The content was all about how to keep healthy during this time. It was packed full of helpful information and safe exercises that can be carried out by the reader.

The approach

Working to specific guidance on font size and contrasting levels for colours we created a stunningly simple illustrative style to easily communicate the exercises in the booklet, along with instructions. These sat beautifully with a very friendly design tone and typography that clearly communicated the information on the page. Once the brochure was attached, we also created a web reader-friendly PDF.

The results

So far we have printed over 120,000 brochures for the GM area, Leeds, Liverpool, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Bute and delivered updated content for regions in Australia! Now the booklet has been featured on the World Health Organisation website.

98% of people surveyed who received the booklet love the fact this is in print format, irrespective of their level of internet access.

Phase 2 is in progress, which involves an 8 page update for the winter months and will incorporate the latest government updates.

“An excellent collaborative design process, delivered at pace during a national crisis (covid-19) with extensive knowledge and experience of inclusive practice to ensure the end product was accessible for all.”

Jane Mcdermott, Project Manager, University of Manchester

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