Social content marketing matrix enhance Wienerberger

Challenge to create a social content marketing matrix to appeal to a variety of audiences

The challenge

On behalf of building manufacture juggernaut, Wienerberger UK, Think were tasked with the challenge to create a social content marketing matrix to appeal to the variety of audiences Wienerberger cater for.

For an effective organic strategy, we needed to break down our audience into manageable groups and create a coherent comms plan. It was one that wasn’t a single message to everyone or too many highly targeted messages that can become confusing and unwieldy.

The approach

From here, Think’s digital marketing team were able to create a matrix, understand channel usage and identify overlapping needs and themes in order to create 5 clear groups to target to gain maximum reach:

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Developers
  • Merchants
  • Clients

This provided us with an understanding of the high-level content types we needed to include to target our audiences – without overcomplicating things.

Our key content pillars for discussion were:

  • ESG
  • Legislation
  • Innovation (supply chain & product)
  • Full building envelope (brand campaign)

As well as a full of messaging mix of content types:

  • Employee spotlight
  • Industry News
  • Thought Leadership
  • Customer Spotlight
  • Sales Messaging

In targeting everyone – we target no one.

The outcome

The social media strategy ensured audience-suited content was shared on their ideal channel to raise awareness, increase following and encourage engagement.

The 5 industry groups allowed us to layer on more specific targeting through the use of hashtags and mentions that will align our posts to specific trends, publications, industry bodies and brands that the specific audience cares about.

Importantly as well, our categorisation allowed us to track the effectiveness of campaigns.

Think to the rescue

During this time, Wienerberger needed help during staff attrition, so they turned to their preferred agency to help with the social media output.

Spanning over an agreed 3-month period, we worked alongside their marketing team to create content for their social channels and website.

Our usual approach consists of preparing an agreed amount of content in advance of the month ahead. With Wienerberger however, we had to stay alert and responsive, ready to develop content as and when required.

Some of this content may have been developed a couple of weeks before it went live, while others were made to share immediately.

A key part was maintaining brand consistency.

Developing this sense of cohesion would be a key part of creating a successful social output.

We had to use their specific branding depending on product, theme and context.

Their building products utilised burnt reds and orange colours, whereas, when contexting sustainability we used blue, turquoise and grey.

Over 3-months, we helped grow their audience, gaining 550+ new followers in total. These followers weren’t inactive either, with 2,600+ click-throughs.

Followers remained up-to-date with posts amassing 4,800+ engagements in just three months.

Impressions across their social pages increased dramatically too, going from 29,000 to over 200,000 through clever use of trending hashtags.

Our flexible and responsive approach to content creation allowed us to stay on top of their needs, and make content that resonated with their audience.

The results highlight both the effectiveness of our partnership and the importance of a professional social media output.

“Think have become an integral part of the Wienerberger digital team, supporting us with several workstreams across our digital roadmap. From hands on execution through to strategic consultancy, Think provide an excellent service and value for money. We are excited to see how the partnership evolves this year.”


Jonny Hunt, Marketing Manager, Wienerberger

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