We were approached by Andy Readyhough in November 2017 to discuss the possibility of designing a logo and website for his new business that was due to launch in January 2018. 

Living locally in Bury, (literally 5 minutes away, although we also work nationally) was very useful and enabled us to have a few initial chats and then proper meeting to discuss what he wanted to achieve and tell us about what he did. As a former Sea Captain, and following a long career with established offshore marine companies, more recently, Andy had been working in the New Business Development for a global player – Deep Ocean. Wanting to spend more time with his family, Red Ensign Solutions was formed, and as such, required a brand identity and web presence.

Pre design meetings are always useful, especially the more information we are given. Andy told us in great details about what he did, but also why he had chosen Red Ensign Solutions as the company name. A Red Ensign is a naval flag (sometimes known as the “Red Duster”). A flag that originated in the early 17th century as a British ensign flown by the Royal Navy and was later adopted specifically by British merchantmen to be flown as the civil ensign of the British merchant fleet.

The obvious design routes to explore included the flag references, but during the presentation of the initial designs I was keen to get Andy to at least consider none flag references. This was because the Red Ensign is known within the UK, but he had clients all over the world so this could be lost of them.

Interestingly, the initial “I like” or “I love” reactions didn’t include this design. Not an uncommon situation if i’m honest. I personally feel growers tend to have more life in them as a logo design or brand than the more superficial designs.

The end result was a design that reflects connections and how cables are linked from wind turbines to onshore generators and so on. A strong and confident logo, which made the next stage simpler to execute.

Once the basic brand items, such as his business cards and letterheads had been completed we rolled out the design into the website. This reinforcement of the brand helps keep RES online presence consistent with the logo, and of course we had one very happy customer.

“Great proactive and innovative service. Paul was particularly versatile in accommodating the needs of my new start up business with regards to branding, web site design and the initial marketing of my company.”

You can check the website out here –

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