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Do you need to get your social channels to actually drive value for your business? We’re the social media management agency for you.


Our perfect blend of technology and data-driven analysis with human emotion and rapid reactions to what’s happening in your market, ensure your social media activity stays fresh and most importantly, relevant to your audience.


Think will work with you to develop a channel specific strategy that outlines how your audience needs change per platform, and how to utilise the native functionality and formats to maximise reach and stop the scroll. We will find the right channels that add true value, not just give you presence for presence’s sake.


With an experienced social media management agency, you can reach wider audiences, increase sales and get valuable insight into how customers perceive you. Our team provides a range of services, including content and social media strategy development, organic and paid social media campaigns, social post design and copywriting, social media management and community engagement, reporting and analysis. 


We strive to provide value-added services that create real results. Join us as we revolutionise your social network.

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Case study


Through a series of emails, social posts, videos and downloads, we told the story of Emerge’s plan to get people thinking critically about the materials we use. We rationalised how their investment will contribute towards a more sustainable community and create a brighter 2022.

This was explained through the history of Emerge, the companies and people they work with, the charities they support and supporters to date, including the likes of Marcus Rashford and Sir Warren Smith.

The social media campaign succeeded in attracting over 60 new investors and raising £190k from community investors plus a further £155k from social enterprise support agencies, despite social and economic difficulties.

Read the full case study.

Social media planning

1. Audit and Objectives


Maximise your success by evaluating how well you’re already doing on social media. Armed with this information, we can create a tailored approach designed to build on what you have in place and learn from past content gains and losses. This will give you a unique insight into what really resonates with your target audience. New to social? Don’t worry, we have a ‘getting out of the starting blocks’ approach just for you…


2. Competitor analysis


Uncovering your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses through comparison allows us to craft a social presence that meets similar audience needs but differentiates in terms of messaging. Our aim is to carve out the white space for you to own while utilising category conventions to your advantage. With our deep understanding of social media trends in today’s landscape, we’ll bring your brand out on top with creative strategies tailored just for you!


3. Identify personas


In targeting everyone, you target no one. It’s important you know who your audience is and how you can broadly segment them in order to tailor your messaging and track success. You may or may not have an understanding of who your audience is, but either way we can help.

4. Channel Development


Forget wasting time with networks that don’t work for your audience – we’ll develop a multichannel plan that pinpoints exactly which social channels to use for each audience type, with the right content types, functionality and formats that work natively to each channel.


5. Creative Campaign


Whether we are working from existing campaign concepts and brand guidelines, or we are working with you to develop these from scratch, our aim is to ensure your creative captures the attention of your audience and delivers on your marketing objectives. Our marketing team works directly with creative and copy teams to ensure each post aligns to our winder aims to deliver ROI for your business. 


6. Reporting


Get the information you need when it matters most with monthly custom reports tailored to your unique KPIs and weekly status reviews as required. Your dedicated account manager will keep you in the loop about major trends as soon as they appear, so no important news goes unnoticed! And will be your point of contact for any project updates.

Why choose us?

Complete service

From planning your brand strategy to designing your website and managing digital marketing campaigns, we offer a complete range of services. Our approach ensures that your brand story is well-told and leads to increased customer engagement and sales.

Value-Driven Marketing

We understand the importance of maximising your marketing investment. At the start of each project, we set clear goals and track key performance indicators (KPIs). With monthly reporting and tailored recommendations, we ensure you get the best returns on your investment.

Responsive team

Think of us as your go-to team for all marketing needs. We provide a dedicated contact person and access to a diverse marketing team. We respond quickly and efficiently to any requests, ensuring we meet your needs promptly.


Our team is committed to delivering measurable results. We start by understanding your target audience and crafting strategies to drive conversions. Our approach is straightforward and focused on achieving your business goals.

“Paul has an excellent knowledge in terms of design and marketing strategy. His enhanced team are very responsive, capable and conscientious. We can’t thank them enough for all of their support and for going the extra mile in regard to our recently launched community share offer.”




We’re an award-winning agency

Our approach has seen us win multiple industry accolades, including the Best Brand Agency and Best Search Engine Visibility (SEO & SEM) prizes at the 2019 Talk of Manchester Awards. Think is also a Drum Recommended Agency with 7 awards and 14 nominations in 18 months across the design and digital awards held in May and October:

  • Best for Web Design 2020 and 2021
  • Best for Service Delivery 2020 and 2021
  • Best Design Agency 2021
  • Best Creativity and Innovation 2021
  • The Drum Recommends Digital Awards Grand Prix Winner 2021

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