Holding out for a Hero Image

Big images have a big impact. Layer those with relevant, bite-sized content, and you’ve a hero image. It’s been on trend in web design for a while, and its prevalence on sites throughout the world wide web suggests it’s a trend that’s going to stay.

Websites usually display their hero images prominently, full-width across the viewing screen, so it’s the first thing a visitor sees, and really grabs their attention. It’s a way to present key information, calls to action and vital statistics, and can sometimes be referred to as a banner, header or slider. It doesn’t have to be static either – you can opt for dynamic rotation, although we recommend no more than three or four.

The key to nailing this trend is to ensure your images are of the highest quality: sharp, beautifully shot and elegantly placed in design to work with the copy that accompanies it. The text should be placed in close proximity to the image, and they must be relevant to each other to ensure a consistent visual message.

What the hero image and its copy conveys is up to you – products or services, promotions, news – but it’s another marketing channel that can be used to excellent effect.

Your choice of hero image is customer-influencing. It takes mere seconds to make a first impression, so choose with your customer in mind. Try to imagine how the image you’ve chosen will make them feel about your business.

Does it alienate or polarise, or unite you with your customers? Are you using emotive images – smiles, cute furry creatures or the polar opposite – and are they the right images for the emotion you’re trying to convey? Does it stand out, or is it too vanilla to work on the big screen?

It’s a lot to THINK about, we know, but fortunately we’ve some everyday heroes who are ready to help you. They’re strong, they’re fast and they’re waiting to hear from you.

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