Top graphic design trends 2018

Top graphic design trends 2018

On the internet, trends come and go. For business owners, this means continually working to keep your pieces exciting and up-to-date. Some designs manage to withstand the tests of time, while others have their 15 minutes of fame before fading into the background. Here are the latest trends in graphic design that can be taken at face value, or combined with longer lasting design trends, to provide you with a captivating look.

Brave colours

graphic design trends 2018

Branding for Natwest, Ebay and Dropbox

Brands are moving away from colour harmonisation in favour of clashing tones and bright blocks of colour. This comes as an attempt to stand out from the all-consuming minimalism trend of the past years. Bright, fluoro choices are no longer restricted to edgy start-ups with the need to take design risks. Now we see the use of unexpected colour combinations in brands like Dropbox, Natwest, and eBay. This trend gives a modern feel as better technology continues to improve the ability to load, and view bold designs on a screen.

Double Exposure

graphic design trends 2018

Gauthier & Nolet Architects by Jvstin Bechard / Keto + Co by Scott

There have been rumours that 2018 is going to be the year of double exposure. If you’re familiar with the show True Detective, you will have seen the interesting and creative look double exposure creates in the titles. If you want this design trend to look modern, try double exposure duotone. The combination of double exposure and duotone is constructed using two overlapping images in monochrome colours. This gives a ghostly, dramatic image. The double exposure trend is appealing due to its artistic nature, but appropriateness is vital to this design. Perfect use could be on a mural in an office, or on a company flyer to demonstrate modernity and vision.

Hand drawn images

graphic design trends 2018

Forest & Shore Brand identity and packaging by Claire Hartley

With all the tech and gadgets we have today for use in design, raw human talent, creativity, and skill is often not given enough credit. However, in 2017, hand-drawn designs came to the forefront in graphics and are continuing into 2018. They bring a personal touch to brands and stand out from the ‘perfection’ of computer-generated designs. This trend accompanies the more general return to an artisan approach to food, crafts and everything in between.

Semi-flat design

graphic design trends 2018

Flyknit Lunar 3 & The Little Rocket by Callum Notman

Give your designs more depth by using shadows. Shadows were outcast during the surge in minimalism, but now, they are once again being highlighted as useful tools for emphasis on screen. Shadows may be coloured and soft to add subtle depth to an image, unlike their predecessors, the ‘drop-shadow’.

These are just a few design trends you can try to master in 2018. If you are looking for a professional graphic designer to steer your business in the right direction, try the award-winning Think Design Agency. Our creative branding experts know what it takes for artwork to make a lasting impression. Get in touch with us today.

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