Global seismic instrumentation business Guralp needed to completely overhaul their visual identity.

Founded in 1985, Guralp has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, delivering products, services, systems and solutions for seismic instrumentation for nearly 30 years. With an enviable global client list that includes governments, academic institutions, nuclear power plants, oil & gas facilities, geothermal energy plants, dams and buildings to name but a few they felt it was time to bring their original hand-drawn logo and whole visual identity up-to-date.

We began by carrying out a detailed examination of the visual identity including a logo health check, analysis of the brand, competitor research and a detailed look into seismology as a science.

It was soon very evident that there was the potential for some design options from an evolution point of view, so we created a number of logo designs that answered the brief in various ways.

Guralp’s executive board concluded that the preferred concept was a design that took a literal interpretation of the Guralp spring, one that had been inspired a shifting seismic plate diagram.

Here’s a brief overview of how we got from the logo healthcheck to the final logo.

The first part of the project was to healthcheck their existing logo design.

Guralp Visual Identity Research Pinterest BoardWe created a Pinterest board to help with the seismology research. It was centred around measuring seismic activity and geometric graphics.

Seismic plates research was the stating point for the logo design concept The seismic plate research that sparked an idea.

Sketching out seismic plates in a graphic form as a idea which eventually went on to form part of the identity

Sketching out the refined logo design

Sketching out the refined logo design.

The logo device creates a seismic shift visual. Visual connotations of shelter, efficiency, progress and protection. Negative space implies a ‘more than symbol’, or unlocking discovering potential, increasing understanding. typographic style of strength and elegance.

The choice of typeface for the logotype was specifically chosen because of its geometric precision, and that it had a sister typeface family which would work as a secondary typeface for the visual identity guidelines.

After several small amendments to the logo, board level approval was given. It’s always our objective when designing a new logo or brand identity, to consider the wider implications to how it might roll out into the wider visual identity.

The next step of the project was to roll the new brand identity out into a set of visual identity guidelines that could be used both internally by Guralp, but also by resellers of their products across the globe.

A pleasing end to this was a comment made by a customer in the US who said, “wow it looks great, so clean and crisp. I can’t even remember what you had before now…”

Guralp Visual Identity final logo-shown-in-various size and colour optionsThe final Guralp logo design which forms the foundations of their new visual identity. Shown here in various size and colour options.

The brand identity applied to the business stationery - the first part of the visual identity roll out

Guralp Brand and Visual Identity guidelines example spread Guralp Brand and Visual Identity guidelines example spread Guralp Brand and Visual Identity guidelines example spread


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