Cast your mind back to January. Dark and cold days, the post Christmas blues… all of this was lifted when the management team at the Rochdale’s own Nutters Restaurant commissioned us to design and build a brand new website for them. All of us at Think Design were delighted to be asked and could wait to get stuck in. 

Following on from the wedding brochure (see here) we designed for the Restaurant towards the end of 2018, the brief we were given was to bring some more design consistency to their marketing materials and bring the brochure graphic design style across to their website. But also create a site that was easy to use from both their point of view and from a customers point of view. Decisions we wholeheartedly endorsed. 

Website beginnings

With any website project we start off with the site map. By creating an organogram from the existing website we are able to take a top down view on the entire structure of the website. This can inform us on which pages are unnecessary, which pages are buried or can be included with other content. We can also use this to ensure the scope of the project isn’t different to the brief as well. It also helps us work on the user journey and experience. We have a standard benchmark of a maximum of three clicks for any end point in the users journey. For example, a potential wedding venue customer could access the information from the home page to the wedding page in 2 clicks. From the wedding venue landing page, or from the submenu. You get the gist. For anyone not familiar with the term user experience (or UEX), it is basically how a businesses customers or website visitors interact with your website and what will lead them to convert or, in this case, book a table or the hire the venue. For more info, see this interesting article.

Simple design

Because Nutters is such a well known venue, brand awareness wasn’t an issue. What the team had recognised is many people contact the restaurant asking about the menu. So one of the UE considerations we had to tackle was making the menus behave or look like a menu in the restaurant. This is where the design part came in. Following the design of the brochure we kept the colour scheme and typography, creating a easy to read and follow website design with even clearer menus.

We created a matching set of icons to continue to brand style evolvement and cosnistency. Once complete we browser tested it, optimised it (it scored 88%) and launched it.

The restaurant are delighted again and we are looking forward to continue to support Andrew and the team at Nutters as they come into their 26th year of business. Congratulations by the way.

Damien, the general manager said, “Think Design provided us with ideas and inspiration to design and build together a high class website that we are extremely happy with. Paul and his team where constantly on hand to design, review and change throughout. Built within an initial budget set and completed within expected time scales. Myself and Nutters Restaurant for whom would certainly recommend Think to the highest standards possible.”

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