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Digital marketing is marketing.
The world is now more online than ever before. At THINK we create marketing campaigns that work across every channel and have a real impact on your bottom line. We create campaigns the strike a cord, that cut through the noise and stand out.

We do immersive marketing. We want to know everything about you, your brand, your product, your audience, your customers, your objectives. We’ll make every effort to come to you for our meetings, and we’re not averse to joining the troops for a cuppa and some biscuits. Custard creams are our favourites.

We’ll undertake market research that will segmentation your audience into target groups based on any number of variables. We’ll analyse known data sources such as business reporting, market trends and employee feedback. We’ll tap into unknown data sources using our own analysts: we’ll even make them wear sandwich boards and carry out vox pops if it’ll help us gain further insight. Or if you’d like us to.

We’ll help you identify the optimum promotion, placement and price point for your business. By identifying the pillars specific to you – the who, the where, the how, the why, the when and the what – we’ll give you recommendations for clever commerce and first-rate retail measures.

We’ll agree strategic market development goals and provide the tactical plan to achieve them. We can help you identify market development goals for any aspect of your product, for any or all of your audience groups and we’ll help you measure to them, providing quality data. Or we can do it for you. We’ll provide you with a tactical plan that is solely self-deliverable, or we can manage some, or all of those tactical elements for you.

We’ll evaluate your results at key points and feed this data into regular reviews of how things are going. We can use this information to recommend tactical tweaks that will keep your marketing approach dynamic.

In short, we’ll give you a marketing plan.

We’re flexible too – we can offer you any or all of this, and more. However you want us to help your marketing, we can do it. And we’re here even if you change your mind later on.

We’re dynamic and have the resources and skills to respond to your needs, even if it’s last minute.

We’re open minded – we can’t market you unless you’re involved. We can do conformist marketing, and we can do disruptive. We’ll show you ours if you show us yours. We won’t waste your time. We’re not fans of pointless meetings and we don’t do unnecessary. We’re always happy for a chat and we’ll be there whenever you need us, but we won’t be pests, we promise.

Oh, and we also do marketing trend analysis.

If you’d like to know more, give one of us a call and we’ll take it from there. We’ll even bring the biscuits.

Marketing is no longer just a creative art, it’s known as a science – psychology, sociology, maths, economics, anthropology, neuroscience all come into play and it’s time to think differently – Think Design.


Marketing and innovation are the cornerstones of business management. We market, and we do innovation. We do traditional too. Whether it’s corporate mindset, consumer-centric or product PR, we’ll help you promote your business assets in the optimum way: in the best place, and to the best people. The result will be business growth, people loyalty and brand recognition. And happy consumers.

We’re producing something that’s unique – no copy and paste here. And research takes time. We’ll do everything we can to meet your deadlines, but we do prefer to allocate time just for you in our diaries. Marketing plans are like good coffee – they shouldn’t be rushed.

We can’t promise your soft drink will out-reputation Coca-Cola (other soft drinks are available), nor that your trade catalogue will outnumber the latest edition of the Argos catalogue (other mail order options exist), but we will develop a bespoke marketing campaign that will enhance your market performance. Our data analysis means we know what tweaks you can make to enhance that performance even further.

There is inevitably a direct correlation between the services you want and the cost that involves. We’ll help you to determine the elements you want and need, without selling you what you don’t need – we believe in honesty.


“When it comes to exceeding expectations, Paul and his team are at the very top of the list. A kind, caring and professional person is how I would describe him. He has delivered a premium product for me and has taken my thoughts about what I would like my website to look like and generated a master piece. He is an excellent listener and has explained to me how my website works on different platforms.A big thank you. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his business.”

Bernard Paice
Managing Director
Better Hearing Clinic

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