The ‘Made of Manchester’ photo book

Following on from our Creative Director, Paul’s Industrious Manchester photographic exhibition from three years ago, Think were delighted to work on his first photo book which launched in March at the ‘MancMade’ 52Two festival.

The design followed the ‘Madchester’ design influences from the late 1980s and early 1990s with strong emphasis on yellow and simple yet stunning typography on the opening pages. The rest of the book was designed to show off the images, in a beautifully paced 100 page book design that makes the reader want to turn the page to see what awaits.

With a foreword from Manchester’s chief unofficial ambassador, Andrew Nutter, and from local poet David Scott, aka Arghkid, the book explores areas of Manchester most non-Mancunians will never see. Dark corners, decay, shadows and signage from another era sit alongside new glass skyscrapers, all taken with his unique perspective of the city Paul was educated and worked in for the last 25 years.

The book was printed by Galloways Print on a short run special edition version that even has a sneaky nod to the exhibition in the form of a digital varnish on the cover. The paper was kindly donated by Fenner Paper from Kent and the book is still available from Paul Grogan Photography.

A percentage of the profits will be donated to the Forever Manchester charity.



Written by

Paul Grogan

Creative Director

Award winning, and self-confessed typographic and graphic design perfectionist, Paul has 26 years experience in the industry and is our managing and creative director.

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