Rebranding Prince Vehicle Logistics

Start up business, Prince Vehicle Logistics (PVL) is a specialist vehicle logistics business providing fast and reliable vehicle shipping solutions across the United Kingdom and Europe. PVL embarked on a renaming and rebranding journey to launch the business officially. This was then followed by a new website to strengthen its market presence, communicate its unique value proposition and position itself as the preferred choice for shipping your car, bike or van.

The primary objectives of the rebranding campaign were:

  1. Develop a new brand identity that aligns with PVL’s core values and expertise in specialist vehicle logistics.
  2. Create a compelling website that resonates with the target audience. Additionally, communicating PVL’s unique selling propositions as a trustworthy and reliable partner for fast and efficient vehicle shipping.
  3. Enhance brand recognition and visibility in the highly competitive vehicle logistics market with a carefully-planned SEO process.

We adopted this strategic approach focusing on the following key elements:

Logo and visual identity

A new logo and visual identity to reflect the brand’s attributes, including speed, reliability, and professionalism. The logo incorporated a dynamic arrow shape within the negative space, effectively conveying movement and speed. Additionally, it maintained a strong and recognisable visual presence.

Brand messaging

A clear and concise brand messaging strategy was developed to effectively communicate PVL’s specialised offerings and the benefits it provides to customers. The messaging emphasised PVL’s expertise, efficiency, and dedication to ensure your vehicle gets from A to B safely and soundly.

Website redesign

The company’s website underwent a complete overhaul to align with the new brand identity. The redesigned website featured an intuitive user interface, engaging visuals, and persuasive content that highlighted PVL’s capabilities and expertise. As well as a robust SEO procedure to ensure search visibility.

The rebrand had a significant positive impact on the business, resulting in several notable outcomes:

  1. Increased brand awareness: The rebranding efforts successfully enhanced brand recognition and visibility in the vehicle logistics market.
  2. Improved customer perception: The rebrand positioned PVL as a trustworthy and reliable partner in specialist vehicle logistics. This conveyed professionalism, efficiency, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. These improvements enhanced the overall perception of the company.
  3. Expanded market presence: PVL’s rebranding campaign enabled the company to expand its market share and attract new customers across the UK and Europe.
  4. Enhanced competitive advantage: The rebrand helped PVL differentiate itself from competitors by highlighting its specialised offerings and superior customer service.

Through a well-executed rebranding campaign, PVL successfully transformed itself to build a strong market presence in the UK and Europe.

“Think say they treat all jobs, small to large, with the same level of professionalism and creativity. And they have done exactly this. I’ve been trading for a few years and never had any sort of branding or website, and after a referral, I am so happy I chose to work with Think. In a crowded sector, they have created the best looking website when compared against my competitors and I can’t wait to continue to work with Think as I grow my business.” – Jack Prince, Prince Vehicle Logistics


Written by

Paul Grogan

Creative Director

Award winning, and self-confessed typographic and graphic design perfectionist, Paul has 26 years experience in the industry and is our managing and creative director.

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