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If you want the world to know about your company, product or brand then you’ll need a great SEO copywriting service. With countless distractions vying for your audience’s attention, make an impression that goes beyond the surface. Cut through today’s clickbait culture with meaningful words and innovative strategies to build lasting relationships – and loyal followers! Search engines value well written content that is genuinely helpful and relevant to your audience… and that’s where we come in.


Word of mouth may help local businesses stay afloat. However, if you are looking to expand, with hope to become a nationwide name, or perhaps an internationally recognised company, then you’ll need a sophisticated SEO copywriting service.


Our wide-range of SEO services include:


  • Keyword research
  • Content planning 
  • Website rewriting and new content creation 
  • Product descriptions
  • SEO content templates
  • Blog articles
  • Thought leadership and opinion pieces
  • Ebooks, guides and campaign downloads
  • Social media planning and writing

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Case study


Through a series of emails, social posts, videos and downloads, we told the story of Emerge’s plan to get people thinking critically about the materials we use. We rationalised how their investment will contribute towards a more sustainable community and create a brighter 2022.

This was explained through the history of Emerge, the companies and people they work with, the charities they support and supporters to date, including the likes of Marcus Rashford and Sir Warren Smith.

The social media campaign succeeded in attracting over 60 new investors and raising £190k from community investors plus a further £155k from social enterprise support agencies, despite social and economic difficulties.

Read the full case study.

What is SEO copywriting?

What is SEO copywriting? Anyone can boot up a word document and ramble for several paragraphs about any given topic, so what makes SEO copywriters so essential to content marketing?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation copywriting is concerned with constructing copy that ranks well in search engines, such as Google, and gets your business higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages). 

The holy grail is of course getting your page to rank in the top spot. But effective SEO is about the sum of the parts, as in looking at the website experience as a whole, and not just looking at how many keywords you can stuff in a page. 

Search algorithms are a lot more sophisticated than they used to be. How your website is structured for your audience to find the content easily, and how helpful it actually is, are just as important, if not more so, than the number of times your search query appears in the copy.

An experienced SEO copywriter will understand this fine balance between writing for search engines and writing for your customers. They will understand how to work with website user experience teams to identify where the content will sit and the other surrounding content pieces to avoid content canabalisation (where two pieces of content compete for the same search term). 

They will also have an understanding of technical and on page factors that help pages rank well and incorporate these sympathetically into the content considering wider content and website aims – again not writing primarily for machines, the audience must come first!  

The benefit of using an SEO copywriting service is of course, done well, it increases awareness of the products and services you have to offer. The more eyes on your business the higher the chances of conversion to leads or sales. Well written content will also improve how people see your company.

At Think our SEO copywriters understand that writing for search should not be a robotic output designed to fool search bots. In this day and age, AI copy has a role to play in streamlining content production, but the human element in crafting a piece of content that is on brand, meets the needs of the audience and sits well with other site content is an art, not a science.

Strategic Creativity

SEO copywriting can sometimes be a fairly repetitive task. Writing out monthly sets of blog posts, articles and product descriptions covering different aspects of the same subject means you have to keep things interesting. It requires creativity for the content output to be able to flourish. 

Finding new ways to engage your target audiences takes skill and a clear understanding of who you’re selling to. Putting out bi-monthly content that won’t engage is a waste of time and resources, which is why good copywriting is so important.

Using a copywriter can convey a distinct style of writing or tone of voice in all of your work. Being able to encapsulate your brand and its message more effectively using specific language will keep your audience interested in what you have to offer them.

With a core team of digital writers in-house and an extensive network of senior specialists, we can build the right team and quickly scale up to deliver any project, large or small.

Why choose us?

Full service

Our services span brand strategy, brand design, website design, digital marketing and content creation. Our full service approach ensures we create integrated campaigns that tell your brand story and increase conversion.

Great returns

Ensuring bang-for-buck is at the top of every marketers list. A reporting framework to track specific KPIs is defined at the start of every project, with monthly reporting and recommendations included as part of the package.

Flexible team

Think provide a single point of contact, with access to a multidisciplinary marketing team, for all of our clients. We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to ad hoc requests, always doing our best to accommodate as we know how it goes!

Focused on results

Our team are not afraid to challenge your brief. We start and finish with knowing who we are targeting and what we must do to get them to convert. Simple.

“Paul has an excellent knowledge in terms of design and marketing strategy. His enhanced team are very responsive, capable and conscientious. We can’t thank them enough for all of their support and for going the extra mile in regard to our recently launched community share offer.”




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