Designed by Manchester, a Poster to celebrate our home city


At Think Design we believe you should love your work. Well, we do. So much so we spent 2 weeks coming up with a poster that celebrated our home city, Manchester. As well as being proud Mancunians, our Creative Director spent the best part of 25 years studying and working in the city centre of our great city, Manchester. And of course, as designers, the self-imposed brief to come up with a poster that celebrated Manchester turned out to be a creative challenge.

Paul firmly believes that Manchester helped shape his career and life so the idea of ‘designed by Manchester’ was put on the table. But how? Building blocks, elements, all different visual ideas were put forward until the simple idea of the periodic table was decided on. The concept was eventually changed to Made of Manchester.

So after a tonne of research, and hours of relentless style and typography experiments, we created the Made of Manchester poster. 114 items feature, from sporting, Mancunians, architecture, music, culture and historical acts and innovations and discoveries make up the 7 areas, with each one containing various facts.

It’s important to understand that this was designed last year (when the business was named Grogan Creative), but we did donate a framed poster for a charity art auction. The proceeds of which went towards the We Love Manchester fund – the charity formed to help the victims of the recent bombing in Manchester. 76 artists and designers donated work and raised over £75,000 for the charity.

If you want a copy of the poster, buy one online today.