A campaign to celebrate the parliamentary health service ombudsman’s achievements

Here at Think, we love working with clients big or small. When PHSO (The Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman) contacted us asking for our help, we jumped at the opportunity! They wanted to celebrate their new direction by acknowledging their past achievements for an internal campaign.

The Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman are an organisation that make final decisions upon complaints that haven’t yet been resolved by the NHS or other public organisations.

The project required us to create ten posters, all of which were highlighting achievements from their 50 year history. The posters had to be scalable and transferable between both the offices in London and the offices in Manchester, as it was pointed out to us that not a lot of the PHSO’s staff were aware of all of their achievements, and this internal campaign was going to change that.

The web design process required us to use eye-catching graphics and illustrations with a focus on accessibility. It was important that the poster designs were inclusive and diverse, as these qualities are core values for the organisation.

The first stage was to conceptualise the posters and provide the PHSO with a written treatment of them for approval before any time was spent working on the illustrations. An important stage of this project was to create posters that not only followed the brand guidelines, but also create illustrations in the same style for each poster design. As the theme for each poster was varied, this was quite a challenge. However, this was achieved by creating a main focus for each poster; the concept for the set of posters was to have characters and features centralised, which symbolised the fact that the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman’s main focus was always the client. The type below each illustration also symbolises the fact that the PHSO got ‘to the bottom’ of each case, which the Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman were really impressed by. Overall the client was thrilled with the poster series and have rolled them out across their multiple offices across England.



Written by

Paul Grogan

Creative Director

Award winning, and self-confessed typographic and graphic design perfectionist, Paul has 26 years experience in the industry and is our managing and creative director.

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