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Think Design are a branding agency based in Manchester.
Great branding should provide you with a major edge over the competition. It should give customers insight into what to expect from your company and effectively communicate all that is wonderful and unique about your products and services.
If it doesn’t, then you are in the right place. Think can help you achieve cut-through in your category and create tangible brand value.
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We have a deep understanding of how to convey brand identity and messages in a way which makes you stand out from the crowd with simple ideas and timeless logos.

We work with start ups looking for a brand new brand, established business in need of a brand refresh and organisations looking to reposition and in need of a brand identity overhaul. Whatever your requirements, our process remains the same…

1. Discovery – Think get to know your business, your customers and your market as well as you do.

2. Design direction – Armed with this information, Think validate or define the brand position to form the basis of the design brief.

3. Logo design concepts – A creative exploration of the logo follows, this is the cornerstone of your brand identity.

4. Brand identity development – With the logo approved, the suite of elements that make up the visual language of the brand can be developed.

5. Production – Finally, Think will design and deliver all brand and marketing assets according to client requirements.


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What makes a good logo design?

A logo is an essential marketing tool which is there to create a visual association between your company, brand or product and your target market.

Whether that niche is in the B2B world, or a concept aimed at a particular demographic, we always aim to convey your message with strong, dynamic images, which can be consistently carried over onto practically any type of marketing collateral or promotional product.

The importance of a high quality logo and corporate identity cannot be over-estimated. Great design is often invisible, and ultimately, a logo should be simple, easily recognisable and memorable.

Why shouldn't I design my own logo?

You can, but the honest answer is that it won’t be as good as that of a professional logo designer.

The first step is to recognise the value of your logo and overall branding. It is an instant visual representation of you and your business, and a slapdash logo screams of a company with an unprofessional approach that is wiling to cut corners.

As with your website or any other marketing strategy, branding should be seen as an investment rather than a cost, and designing your own logo will almost inevitably cost you money in the long run.

We are a boutique graphic design agency, so attention detail is absolutely critical in everything we do. Before we even begin sketching out any ideas, we learn as much as possible about your company, its industry, and those that you are looking to appeal to.

Designing a logo isn’t just about one picture; it’s an image which needs to be versatile. A logo has to look great no matter the size and scale it is reproduced in, and an old maxim about whether it’d be instantly recognisable on a stamp still rings true.

So what is rebranding?

One of the most common questions we get asked at at Think Design (alongside how much is a logo design) is ‘what is branding?’

We often receive emails that say things like “I need a logo, a business card and a letterhead designed.

‘You need a brand design identity producing’ is our usual response.

Branding is a marketing discipline that involves shaping how your organisation appears in the minds of your customers, by creating a visual language that differentiates your product or service from the competition and creates a connection that builds loyalty and trust.

Your brand identity is this visual language. It is the suite of visual elements that make up your brand and includes your logo, colours, fonts, graphical styling and much more.

In designing a logo and looking at how that is applied across corporate stationary, social media and a website, we are effectively building your brand identity and the suite of elements that will mean your brand is consistent and instantly recognisable wherever it appears.

How much does a logo or rebrand cost?

Every logo design or rebranding project is completely different from the next, so we don’t have a fixed price.

We know that there are plenty of people online who will make a logo for under £100 or even less, but it’s important to know how much work goes into creating a custom logo design.

– In-depth company, competitor and target market research

– full ideation and sketching process

– several draft designs

– consultation with the client to decide on which idea(s) to sharpen up

– refinements and revisions

– optimisation for print

We want your logo to look great whether its on stationary or your company’s signage, and we will provide you with multiple hi-resolution images that are ready for printers to put into action.

Of course, you will also own full copyright of your logo once everything is signed off.

For more examples of our unique logo designs, have a look at our extensive portfolio.

What's the difference between a logo and a brand?

You can’t just design a logo and say “that’s our branding.”

It’s factually incorrect. Your logo design is part of your brand identity. You also can’t create a logo design and a set of stationery and call that branding either. That’s only one tiny part of the whole branding puzzle.

A company could commission the following, to be created to form their brand identity;

– A logo design (the main symbol behind the entire identity and brand)

– Stationery design (letterheads, business cards, compliment slips etc)

– Marketing collateral (flyers, brochures, books, websites, etc)

– Products & packaging (products sold and the packaging in which they come in)

– Apparel design (tangible clothing items that are worn by employees or sold as part of the brand’s strategy)

– Email signatures

Your logo design is the embodiment of the brand wrapped up into one easily identifiable mark, but always remember, a logo design alone is not a brand. It only represents a brand.


“ConQuest have been using Think Design services for the last couple of months as part of a project to re-brand. We researched the market and our existing suppliers to find someone who could create and supply what we wanted as a company but also someone whom we could trust. Paul came with excellent references and we have been impressed with both the quality of his presentations, his creative ability and the quality of the products completed so far.”

Andy Day
Sales Manager

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