It’s just one click to Live Well – Cheshire East Council Marketing Campaign

Cheshire East Council launched “Live Well” in 2018 with the aim of promoting healthier and happier lives among its residents.

Live Well is an online directory of health, support and wellbeing services for both adult, children and carers. It was created as a one-stop-shop for individuals to find information about local groups, clubs and services within the Borough of Cheshire East.

However, usage of the platform was greatly reduced post-pandemic.

We were challenged with producing a marketing and communication plan as well as promotional content to increase awareness and improve action.

The initial investigative meetings with internal stakeholders led to the conclusion that Cheshire East needed users to:

a) be more aware of the services, groups and activities available to them.

b) use preventative services more extensively to reduce long term demand for statutory provision.

A key element of this is ensuring important sections of the site are promoted:

  1. Promote healthy lifestyles: Encourage residents to adopt healthier eating habits, increase physical activity, and reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption.
  2. Mental health awareness: Raise awareness about mental health issues, reduce stigma and provide resources for residents to seek help and support.
  3. Community engagement: Foster a sense of community and social inclusion, reducing social isolation and loneliness by promoting local activities.

Information accessibility: Provide easily accessible information and resources to help residents make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

The challenge

With so many audiences and services the site content came across overwhelming and difficult to navigate. We decided to break this down into 2 distinct services, one for adults and one for children.

These services can be segmented by the following audiences:


  • Adult Social Care Users / Informal Carers of People within ASC
  • Prevention – Adult Social Care/ Carers
  • Individuals in Need of Preventative Health Services
  • Communities

Children Services

  • Children and young people with and without SEND
  • Parents/carers and families of children and young people with and without SEND
  • Professionals working with children and young people with and without SEND

As there are a variety of audiences, the messaging and choice of channels would need to aim to speak directly to each one.

However, as with such a multi-targeted campaign, there will be crossover between audiences, so we needed to ensure the messaging is consistent too. The overall messaging idea was a ‘helping hand’, somewhere you can find someone to find help or support you. To help someone find a service and have a conversation with someone.

Care and support are just one click away…

Everyone needs to Live Well.

It’s just one click to Live Well.

Design approach

By employing the right balance of copy and imagery across artwork, tone of voice as well as choice of marketing medium we could target each audience to meet the project objectives.

We targeted the following locations through a variety of channels:

  • GP Practices
  • Libraries
  • Social Care Buildings
  • Council Buildings
  • Childrens Centres
  • Connected Community Centres
  • Leisure Centres
  • Residential Homes
  • Schools – Primary
  • Schools – Secondary
  • Extra Care Housing
  • Town and Parish Councils
  • Sheltered Housing

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The Live Well campaign aims to have a lasting impact on the health and well-being of the Cheshire East community. By using a holistic approach that combined education, awareness, community engagement, and partnerships, the council aims to improve the lives of its residents. The Live Well campaign serves as a model for other local authorities seeking to promote healthier and happier communities.


Written by

Luke Wilkinson

Strategic Marketing Manager

Luke brings his creatively strategic talents to the team, helping our customers produce bespoke strategic marketing campaigns to suit any audience.

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