Designing the national archives web archive

The National Archives is a non-ministerial government department and is the official archive of the UK government for England and Wales. It is a non-ministerial government department and the official archive for England and Wales. Furthermore, it is responsible for safeguarding some of the nation’s most iconic documents, spanning over 1,000 years of history.

However, despite its reputation, an extensive review revealed that the website’s user experience and search functionality fell short of expectations. Consequently, changes needed to be made to meet people’s expectations in web design.

Additionally, even though many of the pages have been indexed by the likes of Google, there many articles hadn’t. Therefore, it was vital that the website had its own search facility.

Our brief was to design a user-friendly interface that was intuitive to use. It needed to maximise the user experience of the site, since it attracts over 1.5 million views a month. Therefore, we worked diligently to ensure that the redesign not only met the National Archives’ needs but also exceeded the expectations of its users.

Working with the new design style of the already established National Archives, including the new typography and colours, we created initial designs of the five main areas of the website for Mirrorweb to get approved by their client. After a successful meeting, we had only minor alterations needing to be made to the design. Once completed we handed the design files over to them to build.

This is where their expertise kicks in and the result was an extremely satisfied client, who blogged about it during the initial launch phase. Read the blog online today.

Check the new National Archives website today.



Written by

Paul Grogan

Creative Director

Award winning, and self-confessed typographic and graphic design perfectionist, Paul has 26 years experience in the industry and is our managing and creative director.

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