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Think Design is one of the North West’s leading boutique graphic design agencies, and experts when it comes to branding in the music industry.
We create immediately recognisable logos and artwork for bands, DJs and musicians across the world, as well as offering our bespoke design services to music festivals, record labels, management companies, promoters, recording studios and venues.

A logo is a visual representation of you to your audience, and frankly, you need it to look good on a t-shirt, poster or record sleeve to help with those all-important merch sales.

Before we even sketch out any ideas, we need to know about you and your fans, listen to your music and try to encapsulate what makes your sound stand out.

Designing a logo isn’t just about one picture; it’s an image which needs to be versatile. A logo has to look great no matter the size and scale it is reproduced in, and an old maxim about whether it’d be instantly recognisable on a stamp still rings true.


How much do band logos costs?

Every logo design project is completely different from the next, so we don’t have a fixed price.

We know that there are plenty of people online who will make a logo for under £100. We know that there are numerous free band logo generators. We also know that as you’ve clicked on our site, you want a professional to do the job properly.

Here is a rough outline of what we do to come up with the perfect design:

– In-depth research about your band and others in your genre

– full ideation and sketching process

– several draft designs, including finding the right font

– consultation with the client to decide on which idea(s) to sharpen up

– refinements and revisions

– optimisation for print

We want your logo to look great whether its on a t-shirt, press kit, or any other type of artwork, and we will provide you with multiple hi-resolution images that are ready for printers to put into action.

Of course, you will also own full copyright of your logo once everything is signed off.

This service is also offered to record labels, pluggers or publishing companies looking for a new logo or even a total rebrand.

What types of music do you design logos for?

We are confident that we can turn our hand to pretty much anything, although the intricate black metal logos are probably best left to artists who are steeped in the genre.

In short, we cover pretty much everything else from indie-rock via pop, grime and jazz. Even a bit of emo for our SEO guy!

Do you design artwork for albums, t-shirt, posters, etc?

We certainly do. Our creative director, Paul Grogan, is an illustrator, internationally exhibited photographer and award-winning graphic designer, not to mention a massive music fan.

Using a similar process to the one which we use to design logos, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that you come away with a professional hi-res product which projects the image you want to portray.

We aim to make each piece of artwork as iconic as possible, whether it be an album sleeve, a tour poster or piece of apparel, and can also commission a series of related images for a singles or promo campaign.

Do you take band photography shoots?

Absolutely. Paul has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years and can lead you on fun, creative shoots to help your images stand out from the crowds of musicians stood in front of brick walls.

We are huge advocates of using natural lighting, but have a comprehensive suite of post-production software at our studio.

Getting the right logo is every bit as important as choosing the right band name. Give us a call on (0161) 507 2410 or email to discuss your ideas.

“ConQuest have been using Think Design services for the last couple of months as part of a project to re-brand. We researched the market and our existing suppliers to find someone who could create and supply what we wanted as a company but also someone whom we could trust. Paul came with excellent references and we have been impressed with both the quality of his presentations, his creative ability and the quality of the products completed so far.”

Andy Day
Sales Manager

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