Archiving Parliament

We love working with and supporting Manchester businesses so it was great when Mirrorweb asked us to help with the design and layout the Houses of Parliament online web archive facility. An archive facility that features archived web content selected for preservation by the Parliamentary Archives. A great design only project, that was needed as part of Mirrorweb’s contract to provide the archiving service for the HoP.

We’ve worked with Mirrorweb for a couple of years now and it’s always brilliant when you see your business colleagues succeed and get the prestigious contracts.

Much like the National Archive web archive design we worked on for them, we were tasked to create a seamless user experience through the search portal and search results. Working within the Houses of Parliament brand style, the layout of the webpages were designed to be intuitive and convey the information simply.

As well as the Web archives themselves we needed to design a visual interface that also searched the social media accounts and YouTube accounts, with a consistent and intuitive UE on the search results pages across all the various platforms.

We also had to consider accessibility aspects of the site, which of course can affect the design if the type size is increased. Keeping the design clean and simple helped allow for and scaling of fonts without over cluttering the design and impacting in the user experience.

The web archive was designed to be fully responsive, and more importantly when viewed on a mobile the UE isn’t impacted because of the fantastic programming by Mirrorweb and of course the web design.

You can view the web archive here:

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