Utilising the benefits of WordPress to give you an advantage

Discover how WordPress website design can give your business a platform in the modern age.


There comes a time with every business where everyone comes to the understanding that their website is no longer as up-to scratch as it once was. A website that shows its years can give an initial impression to those visiting your company. The impression that you will not be able to provide them with the most up-to-date services. You want to provide people with the reassurance that you are on the cutting edge of your industry. The aim is to elevate them in reaching their highest potential.

WordPress website building is the way to do that.

What exactly is WordPress and how will it help you to epitomise what your business is about?

WordPress is a content-management-system (CMS) that allows you to easily build and host your own websites. It is the most widely used tool for creating websites in the world, which is a testament to how accessible the software is, even for beginners. Worldwide, websites built in WordPress get twenty billion views every month, showing just how prevalent they are in today’s digital landscape, But what makes WordPress website building better than its competition, and what benefits can it provide to you?

Easy to pick up

As mentioned before, creating a WordPress site is easy to get the hang of. Coding is a skill that not many people have the time to learn, but luckily, you don’t need to be a whizz to be able to take advantage of WordPress and its intuitive site building tools.

While coding can help you to customise your site to the limits of your imagination, that doesn’t mean that the software provided by WordPress is anything to scoff at. You can create some stunning sites with visual elements that bring panache and professionalism to what many people’s first impression will be of your brand. Easy to understand UX design is key to WordPress’ popularity.

WordPress is also open-source, meaning anyone can access it. Thanks to it being publically accessible, it means anyone can make modifications to the software and its code as they wish. Previously, if a third party built your site and there were issues, you would need to contact them to solve the issue. However with WordPress website building, you are able to just log into your page and make those edits yourself. Its accessibility allows anyone to jump in and make a site that is truly theirs.

When working on a WordPress website building for Keymer, they originally wanted to utilise different methods for building their site. The Think team were able to change their mind on this, showcasing the ease of use and versatility that comes with using WordPress.

Editing Anywhere

You never know where inspiration can strike. On the bus, in the bath, while you eat, the smallest of things can give you the biggest ideas. Being able to begin working on them as soon as possible can help you to build from your vision while it’s fresh in your head.

Being able to log into the backend of your website and instantly add a feature, adjust design, a text edit, or even fix a bug, allows for constant improvement. You no longer need to stick with the same website you have used for years. Instead, adopting a website that can constantly change and evolve with the times will allow you to always stay ahead of the curve.

We use it

Think are no stranger to using WordPress to its full advantage. Recently, we launched a new website for client Keymer, a heritage roof tile company, part of the Wienerberger brand. This site was built by us in WordPress. Complete with a new style, animations, case studies and a news page, the new and improved Keymer site has given them significant growth.

The webpage completely captures the heritage aspects of the company, using their brand’s essence and revitalising their site into something more appealing to visitors. WordPress, while easy to use, is still able to be an in-depth creative tool. Easy doesn’t always mean simplistic. The classic look and complex, natural design of the site is also why it won three prizes at the 2023 Indigo Awards.

Easy to expand

We know that you don’t expect your business to remain stagnant for the foreseeable future. You want to see success and grow bigger, luckily WordPress allows you to expand your side as you grow and require new elements on your site. That could be as small as adding a page of blogs to keep your target audience updated with any important news, to creating a whole area to the website dedicated to online sales.

Some businesses grow fast, others take time, but no matter the rate at which your business expands, WordPress can make sure your website matches the stage it’s at.

Plug-ins galore

Using WordPress gives you access to around 60,000 different free plug-ins to utilise on your websites, allowing you to add new functions to your site with ease. Whether that means a plug-in like Yoast, to help you identify where SEO can be improved, or a plug-in like WooCommerce, allowing you to easily set up a webstore on your site.

Plug-ins are a key part in keeping your website running smoothly. Although at first you may think they’re just an extra thing to keep track of, you will soon feel it has integrated itself so fittingly into the WordPress user experience, that they were a part of the software to begin with. And with so many that are free, it just makes sense to test them out.

Don’t get too wild with them though, installing too many plug-ins on WordPress can cause your website to slow down, which will ruin the experience of visitors to the page. They also need to be updated often due to developers wanting to improve them further. Luckily, we offer website maintenance as one of our services at Think, meaning we can cover any updates your site may need.


WordPress is free. Yep. The incredible web design tool we have been gushing about for the past seven paragraphs doesn’t cost a penny. While they do have paid versions of the product with added benefits at different price points, the cost of just jumping in and getting started making your website is nothing.

The benefits included with the varying paid versions can be incredibly useful, but don’t underestimate what you can produce with just simple creativity. Find what works and what you know you need, and choose your price level from their list.

However, just because everyone can use it, it doesn’t mean anyone can use it. Making a stand-out website requires a lot more skill than using the basics of a platform. You need teams of designers, developers and creatives to make a website that is truly attention-grabbing. All things Think can help with!


Building a website can seem tough at first. Finding what captures the audience’s attention and implementing a WordPress site can provide you with numerous opportunities to grow and improve upon yourself. Your sleek new website will constantly help you reach new audiences.

Being able to continually change based on current trends allows you to maintain relevance. Its ease of use can help you develop a skill that will constantly be used well into the future.

You can use it in order to keep up with competitors, or to distance yourself from them. The potential of future projects is that of your imagination. It all comes down to you.

WordPress isn’t just a tool, it’s a weapon.


Written by

Josh Allen

Digital Marketing Assistant

As the youngest member of the Think team, Josh always brings in a different perspective, allowing us to explore avenues we may not have considered.

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