Paul Grogan is the founder and MD of Bury-based Think Design. The Captain of the Ship, the master of the house, the boss of all bosses he runs the business with wife Maz and a super talented team of up and coming designers. 

He’s a familiar face on the Manchester creative circuit – but what really makes him tick?

Years in the game?

As of the 31st July this year, it will be 22 years, 4 of which are as the owner of a creative agency. Good Lord, that makes me feel old!

Best thing about your job?

It’s hard to say as I really do have the best job in the world – getting to work on showstopping ideas and concepts all day, every day.

You really can’t beat the buzz when you come up with a brilliant design – and you know you’ve smashed it. Then you get to experience that feeling all over again when the you present it to your client and they feel the same.

I also get a huge thrill from knowing that we’ve created something that is going to make a real difference to the client’s business in real terms.

Dream client?

What makes a dream client?

Big enough budgets which mean that everything can be done properly, such as photoshoots, copywriting, design. It’s frustrating when we produce a fantastic piece of work but the client won’t pay a bit more for a photographer as their mate can do it on his smartphone.

A genuine awareness of creativity and what it can do for their business makes jobs run far more smoothly, particularly those clients that have a creative vision. Many clients don’t know what they want until they see it – but then again, getting inside their heads and wowing them is half the fun!

Trust in the agency they commission is key. Giving us full creative license brings out the best work. Although we always keep on track with a brief and regular collaboration, when a client says “we know you’ll do a great job whatever you come up with” is the dream.

Oh. We’re also rather keen on clients who pay on time, too!

Your superpower?

My ability to ID a typeface, or recall an image used on a job, or even a project detail from 15 years ago.

Paul lives in Bury with his wife Maz who also works at Think Design and is proud Dad to Lola, Sam and Max. He is a keen photographer, particularly of iconic Manchester landscapes.

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