Instagram motion identity system is re-animating brands

In the age of digital-first impressions, Instagram stands at the front for brands, influencers and general users.

In their most recent campaign, they have been inspired by hand gestures associated with the app like tapping, scrolling and filming.

Rather than opting for the robotic perfect smoothness achievable by motion graphics, they have instead aimed to replicate the subtle imperfections visible in human movement.

The Instagram motion identity system, based on extensive research and real-world observations, identifies and replicates the idiosyncrasies of human touch. It takes into account the way we interact with our smartphones; the slight delays, imprecise gestures and minuscule variations that give digital interactions a tangible, human element.

What does this look like in practice?

It’s all in the details. Without knowing what you’re looking for, you may miss what exactly it is that makes it so special.

Here are the features that gives the Motion Identity System its unique style:

  • The mimicry of natural camera movements.
  • Perspective shifts that convey the depth of a 3D space.
  • The swiping and scrolling animations, reminiscent of how users interact with the app.
  • Physics add elements of momentum, gravity and impact to animations.

These will (eventually) be implemented into user tools available across reels, stories and posts, meaning both brands and individuals will be able to enhance their social output.

Instagram are leading by example. They are preparing for the system’s release by showcasing its capabilities within their own brand. The rollout has already begun, seeing out-of-home advertising take over Penn Plaza in NYC.

We are unsure when we will have the chance to utilise the Instagram Motion Identity System ourselves but we can’t wait to try them out and see how they can enhance brands and content. Moreover, this innovative approach aligns perfectly with our expertise in brand strategy at Think, where we help businesses carve out their unique identity in the digital landscape.

Why is it so important to incorporate humanity into marketing output?

We are at a point where audiences are becoming more aware of how brand’s are trying to reach them.

Users have better understanding of the algorithms on their feed than ever, and can see through influencers, sponsorships and promotions. Users want to feel like they are interacting with a living, breathing person, rather than a calculated entity designed to get more of their data, money and screen time.

Instagram has incorporated the system into their brand. It’s only a matter of time before content creators and digital marketers can integrate it into their own content.

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Written by

Josh Allen

Digital Marketing Assistant

As the youngest member of the Think team, Josh always brings in a different perspective, allowing us to explore avenues we may not have considered.

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