Give your marketing a boost with commercial photography

One thing every designer longs for is a library of great photography. This may be when building websites, pulling together collateral and promoting brand identity. A lack of appropriate imagery to choose from may lead to bland brochures and so-so signage. This is where commercial photography comes in to help.

You see commercial photography everywhere and you may not even realise it. Those pictures you see in magazines and on billboards and digital ads are not there simply by chance. They are there to showcase and promote that product, service or brand. Those images are there to attract and engage people with that brand, selling that product or service.

A good commercial photography shoot will produce content that can be used over again, unless images are being taken for a specific event in time. Consider it an effective use of time and money.

Using commercial photography marketing online

The amount of consumers turning to online resources to research products and brands is increasing rapidly. Including a variety of engaging and eye-catching images to promote your brand, service or product is vital. Your brand should aim to develop a catalogue of images that pop, promote and perpetuate.

Establishing your brand’s identity is crucial. The image of your brand is one of the most critical parts of your business’ marketing. The visual content you use plays a significant role in how your brand is presented. A way to effectively communicate the identity of your brand is through commercial photography.

Planning to use commercial photography in your brand’s marketing strategy can also increase your engagement on social media. Social media has blossomed into an essential platform for marketing and promotion purposes. The key to success on social media is by creating content that resonates with your audience.

People are more likely to remember an eye-catching image than they are a piece of text. Commercial photography marketing may draw people to your business more effectively, through the use of images. The visuals and images you use should be an engaging representation of your brand. They should grab the attention of your targeted audience.

The importance of sourcing images

Yes, it’s possible to source images with which to illustrate your company collateral. Additionally, it’s a cost-effective way to procure images that work for your business. But consider if it’s something that:

  • you will need more regularly or;
  • you prefer the copyright flexibility you can get with bespoke-photography.

Either way, Think are a leading design agency who can easily help you with your commercial photography marketing. We will help you create a gallery of your brand in glorious Technicolor.

If you would prefer, we can portray your business in black and white. We can display the images in Sepia. We can even portray your business in full Andy Warhol-esque primary pop palettes.

There can be no denying that illustrating your products and services with images, markets and sells your business. Visual images grab attention, share information and invoke emotional reactions. They allow you to stand out on social media – the ultimate goal of commercial photography marketing.

Images simplify concepts and enhance the viewer’s understanding of your product or service. Consumers don’t have to read reams of information to learn the details of your brand. That commercial image shows them everything they need to know about your brand.

Commercial photography marketing makes you wow with your website. If your pictures represent you and what you offer, you’re sharing your valuable messages in the blink of an eye.

High-quality commercial photography marketing isn’t a cost; it’s a commercial investment. Use this commercial investment wisely. Commercial photos are a cost-effective technique to increases brand awareness and elevate your image.

Photography is used for various commercial purposes, as many different fields wish to promote their businesses. You must ensure that you choose photography services with the right focus for your brand. Some photographers may choose to focus their work on real estate photography, others may specialise in lifestyle photography. Depending on your brand or product, you may need someone who focuses on food photography or events.

For example, check out the photographs we took for Galloways Print, which show the printing process and the team at Galloways Print in action.

About Think

Think is a full-service digital agency. That means we can help you with commercial photography, and all the collateral to use it in. Contact us today on 0161 507 2410 and we’ll help you smile for that commercial camera.


Written by

Luke Wilkinson

Strategic Marketing Manager

Luke brings his creatively strategic talents to the team, helping our customers produce bespoke strategic marketing campaigns to suit any audience.

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