Hear at Think Design, we’ve always wondered by house building companies don’t do more to market their new builds more – aside from those brown signs you see dotted around. So it was fantastic when Balfour Beatty approached Think Design to design a coffee table book to be used as a marketing took to showcase their new house build projects.  

The brief was to design a book that would be used across all of their build locations. The book itself would introduce Balfour Beatty Homes to the audience, demonstrate the local area, show the scale of the build and of course showcase the house types. This was made a lot simpler with the absolutely stunning computer generated images they had produced to showcase exterior and interiors on the various houses and sizes. These pages also feature room specifications,

The book finished off with a bit about Balfour Beatty and then a location map.

Each new build development was to be to have an individual brand or logo, so we created the initial one. 

Once this was complete we handed the design over to the Balfour Beatty Homes team who rolled out internally onto their website and eventually into books.

Marketing new build homes for Balfour Beatty Homes

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