World Wide Wobble

World Wide Wobble

Your website is the world’s window on your business.

So it needs to look good, act smart and play nice.

You can buy a website for not much money, and you can build them yourself too, for even less. And in all honesty, that’s enough for plenty of businesses. But if you want to stand out in a busy market or extend your reach to a new customer-base, you need a site where great design meets great technology that will hold its own in the world wide web.

We THINK there are several reasons it’s good to buddy up with a web designer when you’re building your site.

First, they’ll help add dimension to your website idea, by producing a dynamic and intuitive site map that leads your customers on a journey through your website – corporate click bait if you will.

Second, they can help you out with all the domain name registration and hosting server wizardry that keeps your website live: we’d recommend scoping out the price for a full hosting package – it’s often the way to get the best service level agreement.

Third: if your designer is a graphic designer as well as a web designer, you’re pretty much guaranteed the best blend of skills in UX (user experience – the user-friendly functionality that your customers will enjoy) and UI (user interface – the way your website looks) design.

The result? Beautiful, responsive websites that keep your customers clicking.

Before you part with your money, it’s imperative you check the credentials of your designer. Choose a designer with a portfolio that is supported by testimonials. Visit those websites and experience them as an end-user: both functionality and design.

Finally, it’s important to have clear communication with your web designer, so it’s helpful to agree a schedule of communication based on your project scope, duration and milestones.

We know not everyone is a secret web designer, so we like to talk without too much jargon when it comes to talking to our clients.

It’s plain speaking, for plain sailing. Plain as day.

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