Why your logo needs to be responsive

Crisp, clear logos. That’s what you want.

If you’ve ever tried to resize an image yourself, you’ll know the hall-of-mirrors horrors that await. Elongated faces; squat bodies; distortion and blurring; illegibility; poor quality. Guaranteed turn offs.

When it comes to your logo design, you’ll want something iconic and innovative of course, but the level of detail you include doesn’t have to be prescriptive, nor restrictive, if you go for a responsive logo.

Size is important

Technology does not come in just one size, so why should your logo? From the billboards of Times Square to the embroidery on clothing or the label on a bottle, and all the corporate collateral in between: little or large, your logo needs to be seen.

Keep it simple, stupid

A responsive logo is not just one that can be scaled up or down, but also simplified. Adapting your logo for different screens may require stripping out detail to create a clearer and more legible version: removing text and displaying just the logo icon or some other element subtraction. Your brand can be just as recognisable from brand elements, as it is in its whole form, if it’s designed to be responsive.

Responsive, s’il vous plait

Graphic designers can provide responsive versions of your logo that fit into a more flexible and contextual set of branding guidelines, than the rigid rules of traditional branding. Moving away from the hard-and-fast inflexibility of your branding vitals is a bold move,  but brilliant. Evolution means a new freedom for your logo, and that means new placement opportunities.


It’s human nature to adapt to different environments – it’s how we’ve survived – and just as humans are mercurial in their moods, so are brands becoming. Brands are demonstrating their personality through humour, animation and cause-related colour palettes. It doesn’t detract from their identity, merely enhances it.

If you THINK you’re ready to take a new approach to logo design, then we’d love to speak to you. Give us a call today on 0161 507 2410 and we’ll be as responsive as our branding designs.

(That’s very responsive, by the way!)

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