The first rule of Design Club

The first rule of Design Club is: we talk about design. Which is handy, because we’ve got the low-down on what the design trends for 2019 are likely to be, and why they could be just the refresh your brand or business needs.

Remember, it’s not just your logo that identifies your business, it’s every part of your collateral – you need to be communicating your brand values through every touch point for a seamless customer experience, however they reach you. You need dynamic design that works equally well in both all formats. Communicate your brand values through colour, type, and motion, using graphics designed for platforms and flatforms.

2019 trends include organic and sustainable design, and experimental.

Environmentally conscious customers want their brands to act sustainably. And if you’re a responsible business, there’s more that design can do for your brand than just turn it green. Your brand values can speak of experience and long-standing in your industry with a classic and timeless design that remains distinctive.

Organic and earthy colours combined with natural materials work well for sustainable packaging designs, and a focus on zero waste allows creativity – reusable, recyclable, renewable.

Use design to draw attention to what your brand stands for and believes in – it’s a brave stance that demonstrates integrity.

In the past, brands may have flirted with experimental design, but 2019 is the time to embrace it fully. It’s a crowded market, no matter how niche it might be, and it’s important you stand out from the crowd.

Experimental design is going to be big next year: distortive effects will bring new depth to design, with waves, fracture effects, holographic design and double lighting on images. 3D designs in any mono or in glorious, vibrant full colour, animation and interactive animation, new fonts and typographies, the design world just got bigger.

Of course, there’s nothing that says you must fully adopt these trends, but if your business is progressive, why shouldn’t your personality be too? It’s equally OK to buck trends or be the first to embrace them.

If you’re an established brand, you don’t have to miss out on the new wave in the New Year. Add trend elements with a refresh of your graphic design and bring a new dynamic to your business.

The final rule of Design Club is: the success of your graphic design relies on the skills of your graphic designer. So pick your designer wisely. Try calling 0161 507 2410 and let’s talk design. Welcome to Design Club.

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