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There are many ways of raising your online visibility, but on-page SEO plays a big part. Getting the on-page SEO right from the start will make it easier for your business to be found

So here we outline 6 ways to boost your on-page SEO:

1.Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

When search engines, such as Google, read your pages they check for variables such as the page title, meta descriptions, headings and content to understand what your site is about. Take time and consider these factors and think about what your target customers will searching for to inform you.  As if you get this part right, you will be seen more often in searches for customers looking for a business like yours.

2. Outbound Links

When writing content for your site, such as blog articles, long form content and press releases try to link to another site by way of a reference or source.  By linking to a trustworthy domain, it can send trust signals to search engines and increase the authority of your content, which is all great for your SEO.

3. Imagery and multimedia content

It’s not only your written content that needs to be considered, but also imagery and video. But if the images and video that are uploaded are too big, this can slow down your page loading speed and affect your SEO. To avoid this, try using original images, ensure they are not too large in size and remember to use an ALT tag to describe the image or video.

4. Page loading speed

Google has officially added speed as one of the factors that can affect ranking. So, ensuring your website is loading as fast as possible is good practice, as outlined in the point above.

5. Mobile Friendly

Most people nowadays will search online for information via their mobile phone, so it is critical that you have a mobile first website. If you are redesigning your site you can check your site is mobile friendly with Google’s search console in order to identify any potential problems.

6. Content

So, what does Google consider to be good on-site content?

Put simply, try and create a mix of original content with the use of text, images and videos. Make the content useful, interesting and valuable to the audience that you are trying to engage with. Google will thank you for it.