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See, scan, share: why you should be using infographics

Would you like to communicate information quickly and clearly? Of course you would! But there’s a limit on how much data we can commit to memory as we “scan” information, rather than read it.


Of all the information that is transmitted to your brain, 90% is visual. And of everything you see, your brain will process visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text. The human eye can register more than 35,000 visual messages in an hour. That’s impressive.


In a world that operates at the speed of sight, designers have created infographics. These are literally informative graphics, short bursts of text alongside visual images that are designed to communicate brief messages that can be absorbed quickly, and committed to memory. Because it’s bite-sized, it’s not overwhelming, and when you consider that as many as 65% of the world’s population are visual learners, it’s a great way to share information quickly, globally as well as locally.


Infographics are good for improving your SEO content too, getting that content shared, and growing your company brand and presence (providing your infographics are aligned to your company’s brand). Make them eye-catching, and you’ll increase engagement. Businesses that use infographics can see up to twelve times as much traffic growth as a business that doesn’t.

Put a picture on your Tweet, and you’ll score 18% more likes. Facebook posts with pictures get double the engagement than those without. You’re 40% more likely to get your image-based social content shared than text-only posts.


Infographics will increase awareness about your brand as they are shared across social media. Make the most of this organic engagement and link to your house style: design your infographic using your brand colour palette and typeface. Content is 80% more likely to be read when it’s colourful, and don’t forget to include your brand name and logo too.


There’s so much to look at in this digital age, we know standing out can be difficult. Including infographics in your marketing plan and the application of engagement-generating tools will ensure you achieve cut through. Check out the interactive infographic we created for The LK Group.

If you THINK you’re ready to grow your reach, and your business, our award-winning graphic designers will be very happy to help. Get in touch today: 0161 507 2410.


We were delighted when the Gramotones came and asked us to look at rebranding their band after the success of the previous band rebranding – The Manyanas. We think it’s lovely when customers come back and commission us to another job, quite the compliment.

Why go through the pain of rebranding?

Typical of many small businesses, the Gramotones logo started life in Paint. There isn’t anything wrong with this! But with their growing Europe wide following, and with a few record labels sniffing around, the lads, Jake, Sid, Ryan and James thought it was time the bands visual identity started to look the part.

Having looked at evolving their existing logo for the rebrand, we all felt the finished design morphed into something that was too close to some other unnamed and rather successful Manchester band. So back to the drawing board we went and decided on a whimsically crafted typographic logo that seemed more in tune with the Gramotones lyrical music. The logo rebrand was then rolled out across a number of items that the band could use when communicating press releases such as Word templates.

Once happy with the rebrand, the lads asked me to look at their upcoming single release launch, associated tour advertising and some merchandising design. The single entitled ‘Corporate Whipping Boy’, an unusually political comment for them, is all about the way employees are downtrodden by the wealthy corporate businessman and women. With this in mind I commissioned the fantastically talented Ashley (AKA Fings) to create a wolf like character that could be used across various media. Typically, she got it spot on, and the Gramotones loved the creation.

Once this was sorted, we were delighted to be able to propose to them a series of designs based on this concept which included: