Stragetic Report for Outward Bound Trust

The Outward Bound Trust needed a ‘Roadmap’ report designing to be given to its trustees and major donators to map out how it planned to improve over the next 5 years.

How I approached the design

A quick turnaround was required to design, artwork and print it. Utilising a design style developed for an Outward Bound Trust fundraiser several weeks prior, I set about breaking the content up into readable sections. The idea being the design would make the report more appealing for its very busy target audience.

The design

Given the serious nature of the report, I designed the text pages to be flexible and help the content be more accessible to the reader. To do this I worked on a 4 column grid. This allowed me to design the pages so the text was easy to digest. Clever use of white space and paragraph indents enabled me to add call out text to the design.

Aspirational images were included in the design of the report to reinforce the message the Outward Bound Trust wanted to get across. Inbetween the text pages of the report, stunning photography was used. Using double page spreads like this helped break the design up and enabled mission statements and other empowering quotes to be featured prominently.

Printing the strategic report

In keeping with the charitable status and environmentally conscious nature of Outward Bound Trust, I was asked to source the print as economically as possible whilst remaining environmentally sound as possible. It was printed 4 colour process throughout onto 100% recycled silk paper that was FSC accredited, helping the report have a good quality and serious feel to it without it being too elaborate.

Concept, design and account management by Paul whilst at Fathom Creative Ltd

Outward Bound Strategic Roadmap Report cover design Outward Bound Strategic Roadmap Report example spread design Outward Bound Strategic Roadmap Report example spread design

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