Sparkly new website for GEM Business Support

We were pleased to recently complete a brand new sparkly and shiny new website design and build for Bury based GEM Business Support. We were especially pleased to do the website for them as Gill – the owner of GEM – had referred us to a business which eventually brought in 3 separate website and branding projects (see the links).

So when Gill asked us to help her out and fix the Wix website they had build themselves when the company first founded. It’s not unusual, and to be fair, completely understandable that start up firms try and save costs by doing their own website. Generally, they end up looking at doing them again as soon as the business allows it. The frustrating aspect to this, is if they can afford it, it makes more sense to invest in the website, logo, photography, copy and SEO etc at the beginning, because you could lose out on so much business in the interim.

Fortunately for GEM, Gill and her team have worked tirelessly to build the business up, so hadn’t really been hampered by these aspects.

The design brief was simple. With such bright colours in the logo, the brief was to design a website that used accent colour from the logo to reinforce the branding, complimented with muted tones. Bespoke designed icons were created to highlight their key services, and also used in counters to highlight key achievements and statistics of the past 12 months in business.

Designed to work across tablet, laptop, mobile and desktop seamlessly, we build it in WordPress to be easily updated and managed by GEM in house. The website uses simple easy to use navigation and boasts a lovely calming user experience – especially pertinent to GEMs offering of supporting businesses!

We always include best practice SEO on our website design and builds and within a week of launching they had several enquiries and massive gains in Google.

You can view the website here:

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