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Commercial Photography

Photography is all about producing story-telling imagery.

Commercial Photography could include anything from product photos to pictures of the team, social media content and blog images. Every picture you use for both print and digital should be unique to you.

Professional photography is crucial to telling your brand’s story to your audience. Using original images to represent your company can help your business become instantly recognisable and memorable.

Death to the stock photo! Original photography trumps stock every time and images can make or break a website or brochure. Our team believes in the importance of 100% original high-quality images to represent your brand.

St Modwen Logistics Cat photography

Why choose Think for your commercial photography?

Paul Grogan, founder and co-owner, is a professional photographer as well. We can help you create engaging and professional photos that will support your business in achieving its goals. We know how important it is to get the right tone and style for the brand through these images.

The types of commercial photography we specialise in includes:

  • Location
  • Studio
  • Product
  • Corporate
  • Brand
  • Architecture

Our commercial photography process

1. Pre-production

Once you’ve decided you want original photography we will meet you to understand your brand and clarify the objectives of the photoshoot. What message should the photos convey? Where will the images be used (website, social media, print, etc.)? We will create a mood board with visual references to establish the desired look and feel. We will outline every image to be captured, including angles, props, and specific elements to highlight. We will consider and choose locations that align with the brand’s image. Then plan the shoot with a schedule, considering the best times for natural lighting if shooting outdoors or lighting boxes and reflectors if inside.

2. During production

We will provide you with a setlist before the shoot to sign off.  As there are so many variables, from lighting to dress, makeup and props – we will cover it all to ensure it goes to plan. We will capture a variety of shots, including wide angles, close-ups, and different perspectives according to the brief. Depending on the shoot, we will design the set, guide the models, and arrange the products to match the desired look.

3. Content creation

Our high-quality, valuable content will address the needs and interests of your target audience. The content will be engaging, informative, and align with your brand voice. It will consist of a mix of written content, images, videos, infographics, and other media. Our aim is for you to become an authoritative figure in your industry.

4. Post production

We will choose the images that best align with the vision and goal and select the images with the client for feedback and approval. Retouch and edit photos to enhance their quality, ensuring quality and consistency. The final images will be provided in the required formats (e.g. high-resolution for print and web-optimised for digital use). We can even offer a secure and organised storage solution for you. As well as provide guidelines on how-to-use the images across different platforms to maintain brand consistency.

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