Salford University Dementia Newsletter


It’s always nice to pick up new clients and especially when they are of the size and reputation of a University. We were asked to step in and help out with the design and artwork on a newsletter project that was being distributed at an event launched on a Tuesday afternoon by Christopher Eccleston. They approached us on Thursday morning and we received the design brief on Thursday afternoon. We were also given the print deadline of Tuesday morning. Once we had received the various assets for the newsletter project and the corporate guidelines to follow, we were particularly pleased to turn the initial design around by Friday morning. This gave Salford University and their team the chance to feedback and finish any content needed.

We do pride ourselves on being able to come up with new designs whilst working within a corporate style and doing this accurately and without cutting corners. With all jobs, we always read the content and design the layout of the pages, and flow of the brochure or newsletter so it has a good pace to encourage the reader. This is basically the essence of good design – from page layouts to website design. We always work in partnership with clients so it is important to us that they buy into the concept of the design as soon as possible.

It was all hands to the pump to turn the newsletter around in time and ensure it was print ready artwork by Tuesday at 10.00am. The finished design ended up at 16 pages and looked great. The client was especially happy to have made the deadline. That’s what we’re here for!