Branding a Manchester Band


A great project for a local band, the Manyanas. With a growing local following in the Manchester music scene, they decided it was time to launch their first E.P. But first they needed a visual identity.

With all 5 band members having a say, we felt it was best to approach this from a collective point of view. So we asked them to pull together a scrapbook of visual styles and influences they had. This would give us a better idea of what it is they might be looking for with the brand or visual identity for the band.

After presenting a number of logo designs the band unanimously chose the one shown below. Inspired by the visual styles from the 1960s and 1970s Mowtown music scene, the logo encapsulated the ‘Mañana’ attitude they had adopted. Showing a burst of a sunrise.

Art direction of a photoshoot with them was carried out on an old disused railway station in Radcliffe, Manchester. The photography was by Mike Black, a local photographer with plenty of experience in the music industry. Once this was done and we had chosen the favourite photos, the design was rolled out. This included design for posters, bus stop advertising, pin badges, teaser flyers and postcards and of course the CD on body and sleeve design.

Sometimes jobs come along that need a little bit of everything. Fantastic.