Here at Think Design we love working with organisations like Military Standard Training (MST). A fast growing business, and headquartered in Bury, MST help teenagers or kids who are either underprivileged, or who have fallen out of education find their way into the armed forces. 

By instilling discipline, respect for others, as well as building their self confidence, the instructors work closely with the kids using their own vast military experience and nurture them over a 6 month course where they even gain GCSE maths and English. 

We met Andy, a former Marine, at a networking event in Bury and it wasn’t long before we met to discuss how we could help improve how they presented themselves. 

Over it’s initial few years of operation, like many businesses, MST had done it’s own marketing literature. But due to a change in direction with a desire to go UK wide within the next couple of years, Andy recognised the need to change.

The immediate requirement was a prospectus or brochure design like no other. After learning as much as we could do we came up with an umbrella concept. And a beautifully simple one at that.

Working with the idea that MST help teenagers become a better version of themselves, and also believe in themselves, we visualised an idea of a recruit in civilian clothes, and also in uniform. Split down the middle, and overlayed with strong typography of BELIEVE BECOME we had our basis for the rest of the design.

The idea was expanded to be able to show Navy and RAF recruits as well and when we presented the initial designs to Andy he was blown away.

The roll out into the prospectus was more involved. Working alongside Pink Labrador PR who wrote the copy, we developed a design sympathy with military design. Using American Typewriter and pairing that with Franklin Gothic, the prospectus design married MOD images for aspiration and smartphone shots of the training and education the recruits go through. 

The last step was a photoshoot onsite in Bury, with 3 recruits, plus a former recruit (now serving). They were absolutely fantastic, especially at managing to stand in the same pose for the second image to be taken.

We think the images speak for themselves. And we’re looking forward to working with MST on their new website in the summer of 2019.

Andy Emmett from MST said, “Absolutely delighted with what Paul and the team have produced for us. Our new pop ups and brochures have been rolled out and are getting a fantastic response. We will definitely be continuing to use Think Design and utilising their full range of services in the future. Thanks guys.”

It was a pleasure Andy.

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