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As a full service digital agency with many expert strings to our bow, we are the #1 choice for SEO in Bury, Bolton and the surrounding towns.
Search engine optimisation is a vital component of the modern digital marketing mix, and while we can build your business a beautiful and responsive website, it’s going to be extremely difficult for your pages to be found organically on search engines if they aren’t properly optimised.

We are a search marketing company which understands that websites are ultimately written for people, not algorithms, and our experienced team always strives to create engaging content designed to bring potential customers to your site and keep them there.

We provide our SEO services to a growing base of local and national companies in a wide variety of industries, from eCommerce start-ups and family firms, all the way up to multi-million pound household names.

From the initial audit of your site, we will work together to set achievable goals. Whether that’s to increase the visibility of a new site, push an already well-positioned one onto the first page of the search results, or assist with the ranking recovery of sites which have been penalised by Google, we will be with you every step of the way.

All of our campaigns are designed to be fully transparent, and can be integrated with our other services, including PPC, rebranding, and website design & development.

Based just off the M62 in Radcliffe, near Bury we are totally dedicated to increasing the online presence of our clients’ businesses in the region and throughout the UK.

SEO is a cost effective online marketing solution, and here at Think Design we specialise in a comprehensive range of SEO disciplines, including:

> On-page Optimisation
> Link Building
> Local SEO
> Google Analytics
> Blog Writing
> Keyword Research
> Ranking Reports
> Copywriting
> Competitor Analysis
> Technical SEO

All of our strategies are entirely ‘white hat’, ethical and in line with Google’s webmaster guidelines. We aim steer your site in the right direction and up the rankings, with more traffic, leads and sales following naturally from your target audience.

Contact us today on 0161 507 2410 for more information about our SEO services, or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Just as each of our websites are bespoke designs, all of our SEO packages are tailored to each client’s needs. 

We have three tiers to choose from, and while they differ in the amount of time offered, the quality of work delivered is of the highest standard throughout.

  • Basic SEO package
    ££100/ per monthSave 50%
    • 2x hours of SEO work per month
    • Perfect for sole traders and tradesmen
  • Medium SEO package
    ££200/ per monthSave 50%
    • 5x hours of SEO work per month
    • Perfect for growing small businesses
  • Heavyweight SEO package
    ££400/ per monthSave 50%
    • 12x hours SEO work per month
    • Perfect for medium sized businesses

Frequently asked questions

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation.

It is an online marketing discipline, which in its most simple form is used to help websites rank better on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

But what exactly are they trying to rank better for?

Let’s use the entirely fictitious example of Pam’s Pets. Pam has just opened her pet shop in our home town of Bury and had a web developer build a new website for the business. She wants customers to be able to order pet supplies online from her without having to pop down to the store.

She’d also like the website to serve as a marketing tool in its own right, making people aware that there’s a new pet shop in town.

The only problem is that despite the website being really impressive, when people type in ‘pet shops in Bury’ into Google, Pam’s Pets is nowhere to be seen. These are called the organic search results, and ideally we want your site to be as close to the #1 position as possible, especially as around 60% of clicks go to the sites ranked inside the Top 3.

As good as it looks, the Pam’s Pets website has not been optimised at all and will almost certainly remain languishing in the lower reaches of the search results unless something is done about it.

(We’ve even done some subtle SEO in this FAQ; this page now ranks modestly for ‘pet shops in Bury’!)

In short, a website which hasn’t had any SEO done on it isn’t reaching anywhere near its full potential.

Websites can be found by plenty of different means. By using pay per click (PPC), you can attract people to your site by buying up ad space above or below the organic results, however, it will cost you a fee every time your advert is followed.

You can promote your site on social media, but it is something which needs to be used frequently to see any steady traffic and conversions are typically very low.

Other websites can point visitors in your direction by using links, whether they via be something as simple as a business directory listing or from a news story. Again though, it’s an unreliable source of customers (although backlinks are a vital part of SEO overall).

SEO is about understanding user intent, and if done well, can consistently put your website in front of people who are searching for exactly what your company is offering.

This could for any number of reasons, but an SEO (people who practice SEO are called SEOs, incidentally) should be able to diagnose the problem and take steps to remedy it fairly quickly.

In our experience, the three main issues we see with sites which rank poorly are:

•   a lack of quality and/or unique content on the pages
•   poorly optimised title tags
•   a sparse backlink profile

Google is reputed to have around 200 factors it uses to rank a page, but has never actually revealed them. The knowledge that SEO community has picked up down the years is largely down to experimental trial and error or large scale studies.

To complicate matters further, Google makes small tweaks to its search algorithms pretty much every day, although they do usually give plenty of warning when a major change is on the horizon.

We use sophisticated rank tracking software to keep tabs on all of your keywords. From this, we can generate regular reports so that we can get an in-depth or at-a-glance look at how things are progressing.

In fact, we don’t just track one or two phrases. Depending on the size and complexity of the website, we can potentially cover hundreds or even thousands of related search terms.

Fluctuations are common, and some keywords will fall a little even with the best run SEO campaigns, but as long as we see a general upward trajectory, we know that we’re on the right track.

Tracking lots of different phrases also means that if there is an unforeseen problem, we can spot it and address it much sooner than if we just followed your core terms.

There really isn’t a one size fits all approach here.

While certain aspects of a website’s make-up can be tweaked in a few minutes, it’s best to look at SEO as an investment in your website rather than a quick fix. Clearly, a one page website won’t need as much work as one with dozens or even hundreds of pages.

Initially, we will discuss what you want to achieve with your site and set realistic short and medium term goals. We never promise that you’ll rank #1 or reach the first page for a particular set of keywords for the simple reason that there are no guarantees in SEO and it’d be reckless of us to suggest otherwise.

We’d typically suggest 3 months of work to begin with, and although we work on a flexible month-to-month basis with all of our SEO clients, the vast majority stay on for much longer.

We have a small, dedicated SEO team who have had some outstanding results over the years, including turning around struggling websites to the extent that businesses have expanded as a direct result of their SEO efforts.

As a boutique SEO agency on the outskirts of Bury, we don’t have anywhere near the same overheads as our larger colleagues in Manchester or other big cities.

This is ultimately a big reason why our prices are so competitive.

A list of our packages is below, but our most popular choice is 5 hours of SEO work per month for just £200.

It’s perfect for smaller businesses who are looking to increase their online visibility, and tackles all the core optimisation issues which most websites face.

By having SEO done on your site, you’re already one step ahead of your competitors who haven’t done

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more because users are now searching
for something very specific. Your content
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of all desktop search traffic
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sure you play by Google’s rules

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meaning local SEO tactics are as important
as others

marketing managers say improving
SEO and growing their organic
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therefore increasing competition

of people using their mobile devices to search
are also looking for location, meaning if your
website isn’t optimised for mobile, it might not show as high in the rankings


“What can I say, Think Design really listened to what we wanted and not only provided that but much more. I would highly recommend if you want to move your business forward and stand out from the crowd, great ideas and creativity..”

Peter Thornton 
Managing Director
Telecom Northwest

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