Are you marketing? Or are you selling? What’s the difference?

Sales and marketing is generally lumped together, and there’s good reason the two are seen as a package – the Morecombe and Wise of revenue generation. They both have the same goal – to increase revenue, and one promotes what the other sells, but actually they are different too.

Let us explain this apparent oxymoron.


If you’re selling a product, or a service, you’re looking for a buyer with whom you can effect a transaction – that product or service exchanged for money. Generally your buyers come to you, because they have a need or a desire to purchase what you’re selling, and are happy to pay for it. If you want to find other buyers, then you need to market yourself, and your items.


Marketing a product is a longer-term strategy: it’s putting your product or service out there, where it can be seen. It needs to speak to your customers’ emotions, build a connection with your brand, and make them think of you when they’re in the market to buy a particular product or service. That’s equally important for new and existing customers.

Marketing has changed over the years, as much about changing trends as evolving technology. The marketing style that suits you will vary, depending on what it is you are marketing.

Early TV marketing favoured subliminal messaging, whereas the turn of the century embraced the cash-rich time-poor approach of shouting its message loudly, and clearly – think Cillit Bang. Print advertisements, billboards and newspaper ads are still used as marketing tools, but with the pace generated by social and broadcast media, marketing is reaching wider than ever before. There’s organic growth, and there’s paid promotion – PPC and influencer-endorsement.

But pop-ups can be switched off. Social posts can be scrolled past. A brilliant salesman could sell a lamp to a genie, but it’s a marketing expert who’ll make the genie interested enough to browse.


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Genies welcome.

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