Branding is everything. It’s what sets every company apart. All companies that become household names have something that makes them stand out… but the importance of recognition and credibility isn’t just reserved for B2C businesses! All B2B brands need to recognise the importance of a well considered and consistent brand identity that reflects the quality of their offer and promotes trust.

What is your brand?

A company’s brand is the first point of contact with the customer. As soon as your customer comes onto your website, they can be greeted by the digital equivalent of a stunning mansion foyer, or a hotel you wouldn’t be caught dead in. First impressions count more than anything. It may sound cynical to say, but we are a superficial, impatient species. When you walk through the front door of a shop, a hotel, a neighbour’s home, you instantly make every judgement you can. It’s the same with websites. You need to make the best first impression that you can. By creating a brand identity that customers can feel confident in, with a good logo and some great web-design, you’ll be setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Start with your logo

The most obvious way to stand out is the logo. Your logo needs to be the exact manifestation of everything your company stands for. It is your identity. It shows the world who you are and what you’re providing. It sets everything from tone, to target audience. Logos are great for their mobility too. Logos aren’t just for websites; they can go everywhere; social media, printed media, packaging, and on company vehicles.

Make your brand aesthetically pleasing

Visual elements tell the customer exactly the kind of business you’re running. By crafting a solid brand identity, your customer will get a feel for your company and an expectation of what to expect from you. A strong brand will cultivate a strong connection with your customers. It even creates commercial value. Websites with a strong brand identity are more likely to earn more revenue too. Customers are more likely to place a higher economic value on your products/services.

Make your company recognisable

Branding comes down to recognition. It’s all about familiarity. I’ve been with the same mobile phone provider for almost ten years, I know other providers might offer alternatives, but I’m a creature of habit. Most people are. A recognisable strong brand cultivates a system of retention. After your nice website attracts people, you need your brand to keep people there, and coming back.

The buyer journey has changed

All too often we hear that a company’s main source of new business is through word of mouth or referral – so why invest in branding? This may be true… However! Times have changed and the first thing the referred buyer will do is check out peer reviews and your online channels. If these don’t immediately demonstrate that you are a professional and credible outfit then they will look elsewhere and you may lose your valuable lead.

With the plethora of businesses readily available online, standing out from the crowd is more essential than ever. To create the perfect brand identity for your business, get in touch with us on 0161 507 2410. Our team would love to discuss your business with you and help you unlock the perfect brand identity to help you stand out.


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