The team at Think always go to enormous lengths to understand what and how a business is selling a product. This project for MIDEL, a globally recognised leader in environmentally friendly transformer fluid, was no exception. So when we received a call from the Marketing Manager at MIDEL, Vin, asking for us to quote for an illustration after seeing a previous project on our website for the LK Group (see here), we set about learning as much as possible.

After a brief chat with our Creative Director Paul, he arranged to go and discuss the project in more detail with Vin and MIDEL’s Managing Director, Barry. The brief was to produce an illustration which clearly demonstrated the benefits of retrofitting electrical transformers with MIDELs own product which was both more environmentally friendly, safer and also prolonged the transformers lifespan. MIDELs retrofilling service cleans the transformers, and adds a safe, fire resistant, non toxic fluid to it and is used throughout the world. Because it is such a complex product they wanted a graphic that they could use to talk about.

For those of you wondering, the types of electrical transformers are wide ranging, but a type most of us would be familiar with would be the ones commonly seen behind a fence on housing estates. Traditional mineral oil is used to cool the transformers, but it is toxic and carries a high risk of fire… and when they catch fire this is what happens –

We started with several initial sketches, one which was preferred. This then went to a further more detailed sketch and once we had approval we took the design to digital stage. 

The overall image was completed by 6 benefit graphics and used on MIDEL’s literature. 

We also helped produce a Z-Card Service and Maintenance Guide which was for the South Africa market.

A great project to work on and one that really show’s how a good design agency and visualise a complex message. 

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